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Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Eyeshadows

(I promise, this is the last Revlon post for a while! =D )

I think the concept of Revlon Colorstay ShadowLinks, where you can customize your own shades & link together single eyeshadows to create a trio, quad, or a palette is brilliant. I was very excited to create my own. A lot of shades that were launched weren't available in Lifestyle (which includes matte black, brown, greige, etc), so I just picked up 3 shades. that I liked best.

Bone #010: A matte ivory. I got this mainly to use as a brow bone e/s
Java #280: A shimmery bronze
Plum #110: Matte plum

They are single eyeshadow pans that you can snap together to create your own palette

Swatches: Bone, Java, Plum

I'm wearing all three shades today. Java on my lids, Plum on the crease and outer corners, Bone on my brow bone. I wouldn't say their quality is excellent, but they aren't bad either. But I must say, I swatched some shades that felt quite chalky.

I was gonna click a quick EOTD pic, but then it suddenly got dark & gloomy here in Delhi. Rain & thunder, which is a good thing coz I didn't like it getting too stuffy so soon.

Price of Revlon Shadow Links~ Rs.175 for one eyeshadow. Each weighing 0.05 Oz/1.4g.

Have you tried these yet?

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  1. Plum and java is my fav! Nice shades :)

  2. They're so pretty! Love Java. I hope they come out in New Zealand soon :)

  3. I wanna try Plum and Sand from this range.. loved the clicks :)

  4. I got Plum too, such a nice colour for the crease!

  5. I've never been a fan of their singles, tried them out once, hated them, too chalky, not pigmented enough for me! I liked the quads in the past, they were really really good!

  6. Bone is a very common name for flesh colored eyeshadows naa....i have seen atleast three brands with same name for their eye shadow!

  7. Yayyy..the "search bar" is back...thanx CZ :)

  8. plum is gorgeous and would look so lovely with a smokey eye :D and its such an awesome concept to create your own palette :D

  9. Ohh...I love the shade plum ..... Yummy ... Check out my cute Nail Art on my blog

  10. I too wanted to buy but heard staying power is very poor..

  11. These look good but some shades less pigmented ..will think of purchasing these bcz ive found a naked 3 dupe and have got another eyeshadow palette as gift ..CZ mam can u do a post on 50 facts about You ..anytime wen u free ?? <3 Shrutika

  12. Seriously?? Man How I missed this!! This is what happens when you are on a spending ban =/ Need to shop for these.. lovely shades..

  13. All the three shades look so pretty ! I recently got copper, khaki and gold :)


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