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Coral Minnie Mouse Pajamas

Out with the fleece pajamas, in with breathy and bright pajamas.

Also, for now, out with S size & in with M size =D

Both are from a brand called Strings. They are actually not a set, but sold separately. 

Top ~ Rs.299
Pajama Pants ~ Rs.599.

Available at Lifestyle, India.

Just curious, what do you wear to bed? =)


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  1. I always wear either pajamas with tshirts or knee length nighties. But i almost always wear mismatched pj sets. Like i'll wear x pajamas with a tshirt from another pajama set ��

  2. p.s- what blush is that? Just curious

    1. I like mismatched pj's too! :)

      It's Bourjois Cream Blush Nude Velvet.


  3. You wouldn't believe it when I say this but I actually wear scrubs to bed! Mine are like 10 years old which I borrowed from a surgeon uncle and I can bet my bottom dollar that they're the most comfortable clothing known to homosapien sapien!

  4. I recently bought a grey PJ with cute bows and hearts on it..and I love fit and fabric.. I am for sure a Pajama girl.. though wear cute night dresses too at times.

  5. The picture is amazing.. All things coral... lovely concept..


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