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The Best Cleanser I've Ever Used ~ Baby Smooth Skin!

Remember in my interview with Cosmo I said I would never dedicate an entire blog post to a face wash? Well, this one is an exception, because this face wash, or scrub, is outstanding! I rarely finish a tube of cleanser. I get bored of them easily, and I always keep around 3-5 in my bathroom. But now I think I'm ready to commit to one ~ Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Scrub. Look how much is left in the tube. I don't know what I'd do without it! Sometimes I'd use it just so I can smell it and feel it's goodness on my face, and that translates into a disciplined night time cleansing routine, no matter how tired I am.
About: MORNING Energy Skin Brightening Scrub is formulated with BURSTING BEADS and a unique blend of caffeine, lemon and papaya. It invigorates your senses and helps brighten your skin’s appearance. Skin appears instantly refreshed and leaves you ready to face your day. Oil-free.
Why I LOVE It:
  • It smells ah-mazing. So refreshing - citrusy... and lemony.... and mmmm....
  • It really does brighten up your face, making it look awake. I noticed this from the very first time I used it. Lemon-Papaya-Caffeine must be a powerful threesome.
  • The beads are not harsh. Months ago, my skin would break out whenever I use scrubs, but not with this.
  • Now for the best part - Baby Smooth Skin! Seriously, my skin has been at its best for months now. Smaller pores, lesser bumps, most deep-seated acne scars gone!

When & How I Use It: At night after removing makeup. Again in the morning when I get up. My advice for acne-prone skin is to be very gentle with the scrubbing beads. Instead of rubbing the chunks on your face vigorously, melt and lather them with a little bit of water on your palms first and spread it on your face like a regular face wash. Doing this also makes it gentle enough to use twice a day.

Availability: Now for the bad news, it's not available in India right now. Online it's very expensive, even Ebay is a let-down. I was gonna buy a spare before we left UK, but we just didn't have any more space! Everywhere else, you just have to go to a drugstore, lucky lucky.

Price ~ £2.66 | Rs.270 for 150ml. From Superdrug.

My Rating:


Have you tried this one? If you find a seller in India, please holler! =)


  1. sounds like a good face cleanser but I wish it was available in India. It's probably gong to be much more expensive here in usa.

  2. It looks and seems like an awesome daily cleanser! I really like the sounds of the smell and little beads are always good! I totally also want to try the orange colored one that came out!

  3. I wish it available in India!! Great review <3

  4. I actually have another face wash from Clean & Clear, but it's not as good. Nice to know that you liked this one. I bet it smelled wonderful.
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  5. have used a berry variant from Clean & Clear with beads, but it wasnt that good for me...

  6. i love this too...

  7. Great post!
    Wish it was available in India though :(


  8. Why isn't this available in India :( looks great

  9. Face Wash is available here in Bhutan. After coming across this product here in your blog, I spotted a Face Wash instead and not Face scrub in a supermarket. Immediately, I purchased it and I'm yet to try. Hope it's promising as the scrub. :)

    Thanks for the review.

  10. Most of the good products are not available in India.. sad..

  11. I came across this in a store in Mumbai (Andheri) just yesterday. Last one. I remembered your review so of course I had to get it. There was another flavour? too - green apple I think. I could send you one (or a few?) when they're back in stock if you'd like :)


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