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Love To Lounge House Shoes

Since I'm living out of a suitcase, and all my high heels are still packed in a luggage, I decided to feature my leopard print (Or is it cheetah print? I always get confused between the two!) lounge ballet shoes adorned with grosgrain bows & 'jewels'. I ADORE them so much that I'm afraid they'll get dirty if I wear them too much. Therefore, I will wear them only when I know the house has been vacuumed and mopped properly =D

Nail polish is Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist in Tomato Tango.

About The Shoes:

Style: Primark Love To Lounge Leopard Print Fluffy Ballet Shoes

Size: Small.

From: Primark, Edinburgh.

Price ~ I forgot how much exactly. I think around £3-7 | Rs.300-700. Probably between £3-5, but I can't be sure!

Thank You for reading & talk to you again soon! =)


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  1. They look so fluffy and soft! Im afraid to use my pretty white lounge slippers with bows because I think they'll become dirty too! Hahaha

  2. i have ones with multicolored polka dots they're super comfy! bought them from gk m block :D

  3. They look so cute

  4. This is definitely super pretty :D

  5. hi babes, I just nominated you for shine on award!! I think U are awesome and deserve it!! please check out here:-

  6. Cutie footwear. Love them. You have cute tiny feet:)


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