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Rimmel Colour Rush Balm Give Me A Cuddle Photos, Swatches

"You had me at 'Cuddle'.", she thought, when she held it again weeks later.

Do you like to be cuddled? I know some people who don't like to be hugged & cuddled at all. I don't know how they can be so....what's the word.... detached? Because I'm a big time cuddle-needer. I have to be cuddled at least once a day, and if they lift me up, even better. I don't know, I just like to hang on people like a monkey.
Speaking of Rimmel Colour Rush Balm, it is the newest lip crayon on my vanity. Out of 7 shades that were introduced, I picked Give Me A Cuddle #100, a tea rose pink. I adored the color the moment I laid eyes on it, so it wasn't just about the cuddle.

The Good: It has a comfortable creamy texture, delivers color and stains lips a lovely raspberry pink. It does live up to its long-lasting claim, because it takes a while to wear off. I really love how it smells - like cake or white chocolate, something vanilla-ey. And of course I love the matching packaging (Just look at it!)

The Bad: Now I didn't detect this until after a few times I'd worn it. It tastes mildly bitter. Just a little. The bitterness is enhanced when it's reapplied once or twice, and I've gotten a taste of the stain. I suspect it's the accompanying lip stain in it that is bitter, and not the balm or lipstick part of it. It's not yucky bitter, just....disturbing. It may not be an issue for those who love Bitter Gourd (Karela), though. I don't, and I've tried it many times, particularly one time it was boiled, chopped into small pieces, and then mixed with onions, chillies, salt & lemon juice....mmm, my mouth is watering....yet I still couldn't finish even a tiny chopped bit!

Repurchase? Nope =)

Price ~ £5.99 | Rs.609  from Boots.

Available in 7 shades.

My Rating:

I've made a post on other lip crayons here

Okay, so we talked cuddling, lip crayon & karela recipe. 

Bye bye.


  1. Awww...I thought its worth trying out but it seems that its not after all. I usually prefer long lasting ones and does not even taste bitter. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Bitterness!! Oh my... My mum do bitter gourd twice a week.. I find its yum :P ... LOved the shade <3

  3. Hheh.. *hang on Like monkeyy* .. Lolzz. :D :D
    The shade look nice..the bitter taste part isnt good.. but still I would like to try it..
    BTW I hate karela's too... :P

  4. I love the heart shaped swatch.Haha it's a pretty color.

  5. I was waiting for its launch here in India... I'm gonna pass it... The color of course looks lovely on you! Nice pics like always and very well reviewed

  6. Try cutting karela as thin round wafers and deep fry them. sprinkle salt, pepper, etc. you wudn't know its karela and best part is yummm..

  7. Beautiful shade and this is another great moisturising formula - you can always trust Rimmel to products amazing lip products :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  8. Hahaha, you last bit about its bitter taste is hilarious! I've only just gotten a few more crayons from MUA from a beauty blogger friend and can't wait to try them out! The shade looks great on you but I think it's too pale for my complexion, i'm afraid my teeth will look yellow but its so pretty on you!


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