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Balmi Raspberry Lip Balm


Let me try to explain the best thing about this lip balm shape:
Take a block of cheese, and shape it into a cone just like that. Place the tip of it between your top & bottom lip and drag it from center.... to left.... to right. You'll feel the cone touching every part of your lips all at once. That's what this Balmi Lip Balm did when it was still pointy. I loved it! Added feature is that key ring that you can use to attach your keys or charms, and maybe hang it on your handbag.
About: Balmi Lip Balm provides SPF 15 and UVA protection The Balmi Lip Balm has the perfect blend of ingredients to give your lips long lasting daily care and protection. Perfect for even sensitive skin. Our special blend of natural goodness contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to help leave your lips moisturised, soft and super smooth.

It is super moisturizing, smells like raspberry but doesn't taste sweet. The difference between Balmi & EOS Lip Balms is the texture of the balms. Balmi is softer and more glossy (similar to petroleum jelly), EOS is harder and lean towards matte. Because of that reason alone, Balmi finishes faster. From personal experience, 2 months.
I wouldn't be buying more Balmi Lip Balms, just because they are pricey. But this one right here is about to finish. It's flat now, and no longer conical. One day, I saw red spots on it. I thought it's lipstick marks from my red lippies (MAC Riri & Ruby Woo). I gently rubbed the spots with my finger. They did not disappear. I thought, 'Oh, these Retro Matte lipsticks are super strong & they stain!'
On another day, it hit me! It's the bottom of the container showing through! 'Twas a lovely tube light moment.

Price ~ £4.99 | Rs.500 from Boots.
Also available in Strawberry, Mint & Coconut.
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  1. That is pricey for an eos knock off that doesn't last! I think it's got novelty but I think I would pass too!

  2. That was such a cute reaction to the red spots! I'm passing on them - I had the EOS ones and the only good thing was the packaging :/

  3. The packaging is so adorable but if they don't taste fruity they're probably not right for me. I love it when lipbalms taste as good as they smell and look.

  4. one of my girlfriend from UK gifted me this. It did not impress me but than I'm not hating it either. Looks cute though and I like how it smells but I prefer my NUXE lip balm in the end. ^_^

  5. The packaging is so unique!!!! Love it.

  6. I have never seen these in a Boots before! I was surprised how good the boots own lipsalve is.

  7. Too pricey for a lip balm

  8. The packaging looks good.. just want to own one for that reason alone :P:P

  9. I have only used lip treatment from "Sugar" and they were really good.

  10. It is quite pricey! However, the packaging looks great ^_^


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