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Flutter...Flutter...Butterflies Everywhere.....

11th September: I posted about 'Flutter' here.
8th October: I got a tweet- "@CZloves the butterflies brushes u r talking about from @superdrug  reduced to 6 pounds!!" from Preethi. (Thank you!)
11th October: I fluttered my wings and landed in Superdrug.
14th October: Present day. Look......
Double sided compact mirror has a magnifying side 

I've used them, and they're soft, but not so dense (the big brushes). That little lip brush is great for drawing a crease.

Flutter Cosmetic Brushes ~ £9  £6 | Rs.584.
Flutter Double Sided Compact Mirror ~  £5  £3 | Rs.292.

I will wear a baby blue sun dress and a pink flower headband (real flowers), and I will sit in a forest holding the mirror and doing my makeup with the blue and pink butterflies will flutter around me and on my real flower headband..... and......


  1. Fly to ur heart ... Flutter like a butterfly... Supercute post ...!!!! <3 $hrutika

  2. Oh.. My.. My.. These looks so pretty...

  3. ...and ... you will fly like a butterfly but NOT sting like a bee...
    Everything in this series is ultra cute.

  4. Oh My! That Cute Bird Cage Locket!! So Cute!!

    And, Glad You Finally Got Them

    *Me Wants*

    The Packaging is So So Cute!

    I Wish I Could Flutter my Wings n Fly to UK To Get These.. Wishes! :)

  5. oh u finally bought it sooooooo cute i hope to c u doing lotd da way u mentioned in last para like a tinker bell

  6. :O :O Do I need to say how cute they are :O
    * I want* I dont know, what I would do with them..but still :P

  7. ..aweee I love the bird-cage zip lock!

  8. vanity no apologies, is so apt...they look freaking cuuute!

  9. These are super cute.. with butterflies all around.. the birdcage hanging is just so prettyy!! .. I too need wings now ;)

  10. super cute.... very pretty xoxoxo

  11. Glad you bought them.. It as if they were made for you :D Love it.
    xoxo <3

  12. oh....know..u bought happy u mentioned me in ur blog......Thanks a lot dear....:)

  13. hahaha at whatever u said in the last
    u r too cute

  14. Now £2.50 at superdrug (case and brushes, not mirror)


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