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Bourjois Happy Light Primer, Foundation, Concealer ~ Disappointing!

You know I love Bourjois, and I'm quite loyal to it. But this time, I have no praises for their new releases ~ Happy Light. I got the Matte Primer, Foundation & Concealer, and they just.don'
Bourjois Happy Light Serum Primer Matte: There are 2 types of primers- Matte & Luminous. Luminous is for dry skin, Matte for oily skin. In a nutshell, it flakes if applied over a moisturizer and does so even more when I work Happy Light Foundation over it. When worn without a moisturizer, it looks okay and does mattifies my skin, but emphasizes dry areas. The thing that still makes it useable is, it doesn't have that pore-clogging silicone feel and it does minimizes the look of pores & makes skin feel smoother. I may have to find a super special way to wear this to make it work better, Price: £6.99 | Rs.696.

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation #52 Beige Claire: I was confused between 53 and 52. I swatched both on my neck and asked a Superdrug SA which one suited me better. She picked the darker one- 53. I agreed, but then in the end I trusted my own instinct and picked the lighter one. Boy, did I make the right choice! Because this foundation turns darker & orange-ish when you spread it on your skin. It's a very sheer foundation with next to zero coverage, but I expected that. The deal breaker is it turning orange. Price: £7.99 | Rs.794.

Bourjois Happy Light Concealer #21 Ivoire: There were 2 shades available at Superdrug. I picked the one that's more yellow-toned (the other was pinkish). The texture is thick and creamy, so it has a tendency to look cakey if not blended well. The shade is too light for both my undereye areas & spots, but I knew that when I bought it. I will use this to shape and define my brows. Price: £6.99 | Rs.696.

More pics of Bourjois Happy Light Products posted here
Bourjois Happy Light Concealer 21 Ivoire

Swatches: Happy Light Primer Matte, Happy Light Foundation 52, Happy Light Concealer 21

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation 52 Beige Claire

 Blended. See how it turns orange.

Overall, UnHappy with all the products. I only expected the Primer & Foundation to impress me, and didn't expect much from the Concealer because I got it just to 'complete' the collection. 
The products may work sometimes, when applied in a specific way, but they all leave room for a 'but' after their insignificant pros.

Have you tried anything from Happy Light range? If not, Bourjois has better products! =)


  1. I didn't think Bourjois would ever have such a bad release! what's the sense in creating a foundation that turns orange unless your prospective buyers are oompa loompas?

  2. Bourjois has been good to me so far. Didnt try these products. Thanks for the warning!

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  3. Aw it sucks when our favorite brand comes up with such flops, doesn't it? I like a couple of stuff from Bourjois but I've never tried their foundations. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. too dint work :(

  5. The Orange Swatch.. Ewww!

    I Was Actually Saving Money To Buy The Primer.. *My Smile Curve Goes Down*

    Thanks For Saving Our Money! :)

  6. I was actually thinking of trying this but thank you for saving from buying a disappointing product

  7. The packaging of these products looks great. Thanks for the warning!

    The foundation might work as a self-tanner :P

  8. Im happy with their healthmix ..hope they dont stop that one :)

  9. I have tried the healthy mix form Bourjois and like it as well but this looks so weird that it turns orange.. All in all very disappointing.. :( .. and a light concealer for brow defining thats intersting.. gotta try it!! :)

  10. sad...this is the first time i am hearing disappointing product from this brand!

  11. aw I thought it would be heaps better!


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