How To: Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter

Hi, hi! Sorry for not posting for days. This was supposed to be up yesterday, but editing took longer. There was a false eyelash mishap that ruined most of the pics, sigh. Long story short: lash glue and mascara stuck together and clumped the lashes, I ignored, camera didn't.
This is one of the most requested tutorials! So many ladies want the JLo glow. For me personally, it's not a must-do, because I came from Delhi, where my face was always prone to sweating because of the heat. Now that I'm in cold Scotland, I do it quite often, and I see the why it's so sought-after. It does make your skin look more.....posh. Oh yes, Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) is also famous for her glowy cheeks.

Products I Used:
Bronzer ~ Benefit Hoola. Matte bronzer is always better.
Blush ~ MAC Bite Of An Apple. This was a Limited Edition blush.
Highlighter ~ MAC Soft And Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish. It's better to pick a highlighter that is more pearlescent than glittery. If you're using a liquid highlighter, just apply 3-5 tiny dots, and blend with finger.
Rest of the makeup: 
Face: I applied MUFE HD Foundation over Lakmé CC Cream, and they didn't agree very well, hence the spots.
Eyes: I used pinks & purples from the Sleek i-Divine Candy Palette. Swatches here
Lipstick here is MAC Betty Bright from Archie's Girls Collection. Shown here

Let me show you how I did it step-by-step:
*I applied all products more than I normally would, so they would show up properly in photos.
Bronzer ~ Suck in your cheeks to locate the hollows. Apply bronzer right in the hollows starting from near the top of your ear to about the center of cheeks. Apply and then blend the bronzer upwards onto the apples. I used Sigma F05, a small contouring brush. 
Blush ~ With a blush brush or the same brush you used for bronzer, sweep blush on top of the bronzer line up to the cheekbone. Swirl & blend towards hairline. I avoid applying right on the apples, because not only does it look too in-your-face, it can also make us look older.
Blush + Bronzer ~ You could go over the bronzer, and blend it more with the blush so there's no obvious line.
Highlighter ~ With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply highlighter on the highest point of cheekbones. You can feel this with your fingers. I wouldn't take it all the way to my hairline, I stop at that angle where cheekbone-meets-brow end (I'm not sure if I'm saying this right.) Brush is Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush.
You could also highlight on your brow bone, nose bridge & cupid's bow if you want to look really glowy. Would look fab at night.

Rules To Break:
  • "You have to join highlighter from cheekbone to brow bone in a C-shape." ~ Look at my face. Wouldn't that look weird? Like goggles.
  • "Apply bronzer by making a 3 from forehead to jawline." ~ This may work for face shapes that have fullness on both forehead & jawline, but it definitely doesn't work for everybody. For instance, I have a pointy V-shape shape chin, so if I apply bronzer or contour powder there, my jawline will disappear. No jaw - only cheeks, chin & a big forehead! I instead apply lighter powder on my jawline to bring it out, and contour the tip of my chin.

Let me know if you want a detailed contouring post!

*Special Tip: Tucking your brushes behind your ears while you apply the products will save time, and give you that nice professional & artistic feeling.....
Haha..... I'm kidding! =D

Have a great week, all! Started a new tv show- House Of Cards. Quite interesting so far.

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  1. hehehehhehe... brushes behind the ears..
    even I agree with the placement of blushes. on the apples makes me look like a kid.
    and I use a fan brush for highlighter. only coz I don't overdo it :D
    loved the combo on you :)

  2. This is great! I'm always reading about bronzing/blushing and highlighting, but this is nice and simple!
    Looks amazing on you btw :)

  3. Stunning pictures! You have flawless skin CZ.. Lucky lucky!

    1. Oh it isn't flawless, believe me! Credit totally goes to makeup :D


  4. Thank you for this tutorial, it makes perfect sense now :) I have always struggled with bronzer and end up just using it as a blush because I have no idea lol. But now I will try this :D

  5. Hi Cynthia! Can you recommend a matte bronzer for people with darker skin (I'm MAC NW40 for reference); most bronzers end up looking like powders on me!

    1. Hi Sruthi, Sleek Makeup has some dark bronzer/contour shades. There's a Face Form kit in Dark that has a dark brown contouring powder that could work for your skin tone


  6. Great post :) Brush behind ears hehhe :P Cool post :)

  7. Hey Cynthia.. now this is the most useful contouring and blushing turorial.. u have cleared so many doubts and yes those Break the Rules... is so true..!! The pic with all the brushess and ur shy smile.. is super-cuttee!! love this post..I also didnt liek bringing blush to apples it looks funny !! ;)
    The eye makeup is flawless again.. I couldnt spot any mishap.. :) :)

  8. Nice to finally see a post from you! Was wondering what happened :) You look absolutely lovely, and this is definitely the easiest contouring tutorial I've seen, you explain so well! The picture with brushes behind your ears is so cute ^_^ I so wish I had discovered your blog earlier!

  9. Love the post. I really want to contour my face because I have chubby cheeks like a baby, even though my body is thin :'(. Butttt whenever I am going out, I literally just have time to do basic makeup. Must make more time for getting ready.

  10. You look like a dream dear, You have such good face cut + you know how to highlight your best features. I love this look. Sum-one in one word - BEAUTIFUL

  11. Perfect post....You look so cute with those brushes behind your ears :)

  12. I loved this post. You are angelic Cynthia!!! I want a detailed contouring post, since my cheek bones are not prominent and when I try to contour it looks all muddy!

  13. I love it! Thanks for this! :) You're so pretty!

  14. Lovely tutorial and loved the last pic!

  15. Ive been meaning to buy Benefit Hoola Bronzer since a while now. will definitely pick it up from Sephora :D
    Looking pretty as always <3
    xoxo <3


  16. wow post...Loved the tutorial..Thanks for sharing :)
    U look grgs as alwyz <3

  17. Love this post, avoid doing a 3 or a c on your face makes perfect sense.thank a lot. A more detailed post on contouring would be Fab. We look forward to it.

  18. "P.S. Under the Giveaway post, your comment might not show up, because the page can't load too many comments. But if you have published a comment, it has probably reached my dashboard. So, you don't have to comment more than once."

    Thanks for telling i though something is wrong with my network:O

    Anyways, congo for 4ht anniversary and lovely skin you have:)


  19. Great post! Thanks, CZ. I'm pinning it.

  20. Thanks for the tutorial and making it so easy to figure out

  21. brushes behind the ears LOL ! love your lip color here! x

  22. You look so beautiful!!!! :)
    I missed reading your posts!

  23. Haha! 'Brushes Behind Ears' Pic is So Funny!

    You Are So Cute!

    And, Very Helpful Tut! Thankoo!

  24. Loved the tutorial ..You look lovely dear


  25. This is one of the best bronzer and highlighter tutorials Ive seen. Great work!


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