August Favorites & 31st Night

August was not only our Blogversary month, but it's also our wedding anniversary month ~ 30th & 31st, because we had 2 ceremonies. We decided to go out and celebrate it on the the 31st, Saturday. Before I tell you a story about that night, let's take a look at my beauty favorites first:

{Yes, that's a card I got ;)}

I'll start with all the makeup (clockwise):
  • MAC Constructivist Paintpot ~ I have not used this much ever since I started using the Maybelline Color Tattoos, and sometime last month I used it once, and now I want to use it everyday. Can't go wrong with a brown paintpot. Swatched here
  • Bourjois So Laque Rose Imaginaire #62 ~ I just realized this was also in my June Favorites! Maybe I'm using it way too much. Swatches here
  • YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Pink In Paris #13 ~ I think I'm wearing this almost everyday. Swatches coming soon.
  • Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick Midnight Rose #377N ~ Swatches here
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate ~ I've been using this every night before sleeping, and my lips love it.
  • YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Rage In Fuchsia #19 ~ Will swatch this as well.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Pink In The Afternoon ~ Swatches here
  • Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks ~ I'm loving all the 3 shades I got, and I want 2 more. Photos & swatches here

 Skin & Hair:
  • Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner with Citrus Fragrance ~ Mr.CZ got this for himself (just because it's green!), and of course I had to try it. Hey, I wear all his t-shirts, so why not use his shampoos? It smells soooo good! Like melons. It's for normal hair, and doesn't do anything special to my parched hair, but it cleans well.
  • Vichy Normaderm Anti-Age Anti-Imperfection Resurfacing Care ~ This moisturizer is minty green in color, and green counteracts redness. It's non-greasy, and makes a nice foundation primer. It contains Glycolic acid + LHA + Vitamin C. I use it more on my frown & laugh lines, and I think (I think) they have lessened. This is when I use La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo on the rest of my face. 
  • Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub ~  I've always wanted to try this pink grapefruit range, and they always stared at me in Superdrug. I finally took one home. Been using this scrub for over 2 weeks, and so far so good. It smells fresh, has little sandy granules that gently exfoliate, and it lathers like a face wash, which make my skin feel very clean.

My new-found loves....
Japanese Gyoza ~ In simple words, momos. I found these in a Chinese supermarket called Matthew's. They come in a packet, frozen. You fry them in a little bit of oil for 2 mins, then add a cup of water and boil them for 5 mins. Tada! Best momos ever! I'm told by the cashier at the supermarket that they're very popular, and some people order boxes. I know, maybe I should get a box next time - this weekend.

French Connection Bodycon Dress | River Island Jacket | Primark Tights & Shoes | Mango Quilted Bag
Waiting for cab. Feet, dying slowly.

Nightclub Story: So we were standing and dancing in one corner near the bar, and this tall, probably Scottish, blonde-ish guy came up to us. He looked quite well-dressed in jeans and a black blazer, sporty-looking, you know, like one of those popular high school football players- taller & less good-looking than John Tucker. He said something in Mr.CZ's ears, because it was very loud. It took me a while to hear their conversation. 
Guy: "C'mon, hug me!", he stretched out his arms and leaned in.
Mr.CZ: "What?! Why?", he laughed.
Guy: "Just give me a hug!", he put his hands on Mr.CZ's shoulders. 
I just stood there, amused and puzzled. Still un-hugged Guy turned to me, and said: "Is he a good hugger?"
Me: "Yes. He is.", I nodded and smiled.
Guy to Mr.CZ: "Okay then, prove that you're a good hugger!", he spread his arms wider, looking convinced that my husband was going to sink into them gratefully.
My husband didn't. Then Guy laughed and waved excitedly at his friend, who was standing behind me. Is it some kind of bet? I thought to myself, after I'd turned around to take a look at his friend, who, not only looked very similar to Guy, but was also clad in jeans and a blazer.
Me to Guy: "Why? Why does he need to prove it to you?", I asked him. Not rudely, but we didn't find his pushiness funny anymore.
It wasn't a friendly vibe I was getting from him, it was more of a cocky vibe. Who wants to hug that?
It was strange because:
One: He looked straight. I don't care if he's otherwise.
Two: He didn't look drunk.
Three: Strange guy in nightclub randomly asking for a hug from another guy. Imagine you didn't know me, and I came up to you and did the same thing. I ask your husband "Is she a good hugger?", and I demand you prove to me that you are.
I don't remember at which point he went away, but he did. I remember him laughing and saying sorry sorry from behind me a little while later. At that point, I could only feel my feet dying, and  just wanted to go home.

I Instagrammed a video from the club, so if you want to see it - make sure you have earphones on if you're in office, and you turn the volume down because it's LOUD.

While we're talking about InstaVideos, I also did one for shoes, mostly the ones I got in August.....

Good Day!
If you read the nightclub story, why do you think Guy wanted to be hugged?
Btw, I actually googled "stranger asking for hug", and I think maybe he took that thing that makes people want to hug.

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  1. you look like such a darling. loved that pic of you. happy anniversaries :)

  2. maybe it was a bet or something that he wanted a hug, or was plain and simple in the bully mood!
    I am so waiting for your swatches on Pink in Paris! please post that soonish! xx

    1. Probably! Ya I will post swatches of that one too Rakhshan :)


  3. Wierdo! :|

    And, You Look Lovely! As Always! :)

    Cynthia, I Would Be Very Thankful To You If You Can Suggest Something That Wouldn't Ruin Eyeshadows Like in Dance Parties?

    I Have Very oily Lids and Also, I Sweat Easily.. So, They Crease n Fade Easily Coz of The Sweat!

  4. Woow.. u look sweet & sexy Cynthia..!!
    The love list oohh myy.. the YSL lippiess amazing.. Nourjois ones.. gorgeouss!!
    and Yummy Mommss.. Feeling Hungryyy!! :P :P

    Yeah may be some kind of bet onlyy.. otherwise why he would be sorry afterwards..@@
    God knows what was running through his mind.. but u googledd it Lollzzz.. truly google addict!! :D :D..

  5. lolzz..weird guy ! nice favs..and belated happy anniversary :)

  6. Probably was a bet. I know my classmates do this when they see couples.. so maybe its the same everywhere?

  7. Aw ! that was such a strange story Cynthia ! and about haul..wow !!
    I have never tried momos though,been pictured would love to do one day !

  8. Sounds like ragging. Strange man. Good you stood up.

  9. Hmmm. I think it was a bet too but just weird guys :/

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  10. Those lipsticks look super pretty!! Really want to try that Bourjois one:)

    Mia's Little Corner

  11. I tell you what miss CZ, he was somewhat moved by your "cute beauty" so he indirectly wanted to see you(closely), so he approached your hubby.(experience)

    Your pic is fab.♥


    1. Haha...that's what hubby said later, but I don't think so! :D that would make him even more irritating :D


  12. I don't know why that guy wanted to hug your husband, but I wouldn't take kindly to it either. I would get rude quickly. Happy Blogoversary though!

  13. Im craving for momos now ! Love what you are wearing, Gorgeous !
    xoxo <3


  14. I like the little stories you share with us here, it makes your blog somehow more personal than the others and I like it :)

    Now I think that it was a bet between the two guys. I really can't think of any other reasons :/
    Happy anniversary btw :) :)

    1. Thanks! Happy you like the stories Noha :)


  15. You are looking such a darling CZ :) n well, even I want to try their Grapefruit range but not available in India yet :(

    1. Hey Saniya, I'm sure I've seen them in India!


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