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NEW! Benefit Rockateur Blush

I like to collect these Benefit Boxed Powders (see my collection here), and after a long time I'm liking a new addition - Rockateur
"A rose gold blush that gives a famously provocative flush."

Price ~ £23.50  | Rs.2168.
Launching in UK on August 22nd '13. 
I can imagine myself at Debenhams... awaiting its arrival... garland in hands.

In India, Benefit is available at Sephora, Select Citywalk Mall, New Delhi.

 You like?


  1. I love Benefit products!! And this colour is amazing!! <3

  2. So pretty! I don't just like, I LOVE! :D

  3. "Famously provocative flush" that a reference to Nars Orgasm?
    But it certainly very totally with you in the garland-in-hand welcome.

  4. Looks like a collector's piece! Beauty :)

  5. Hey Cynthia! I have sent you a message through your contact form on this blog. Please check it out once :) Thanks!

  6. Oh I've seen SO many people blog about this that they got sent or got in the sample sale. It's absolutely stunning. I really think I might have to try it.

    Emma | World of dilEMMA

  7. Looks like it going to be sooo pretty! Subtle but sexy is what I think!

  8. It Is Super Pretty Reminds Me Of One Directions Song " ROCK ME " Blush Is A Super Rockstar ! <3 Shrutika


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