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EOTD: Winged Cut Crease Eye Makeup

I wanted to do the Pencil Shading technique for you guys, but I think that needs to be seen. So I came up with a similar but easier version for a pictorial. Step-By-Step pics on how I did it coming shortly. 

It's different from the Winged Eyeshadow I'd done before here, not to mention more challenging because of the precision required. 
What do you think? Something you'd want to try on yourself? 


  1. It looks like a picture out of a magazine! You edit and click pictures so well! <3


  2. Wow super nice! But I think it wouldn't work on my eye shape though.

  3. I could not imagine myself creating such look even in my dreams... :(

  4. You are so talented, such a perfect look!!! Now if only I could learn how to do that lol

    Priya xoxo

  5. it is simply AWESOME !!!! Want to learn this..

  6. Awesome, yesterday I did a rainbow version, is so cute! xx

  7. Awesomee.....Its like magic on your eyelids...amazing!!

  8. I am so clumsy with eye makeup... I wish I could get your kinda talent someday...hmphhh...But eagerly waiting for the tutorial Cynthia :)

  9. i loved it so much but somehow I feel it suits Asian eyes more than any other eye shape...correct me if Im wrong


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