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Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon Red Sunrise Photos, Swatches

If you have ever rubbed a ripe & juicy strawberry or a red Cadbury Gems on your lips, you might really like this color. I have done both. When I was a kid, I would put a red Cadbury Gems (a round button-sized candy with chocolate filling) in my mouth, take it out, and then rub it all over my lips like a lipstick. It sounds gross now, but  it was the one of the most glamorous things I ever did as a kid.
A LIP CRAYON BURSTING WITH VIBRANT COLOUR AND IRRESISTIBLE MOISTURE! With its melting formula, Color Boost leaves a radiant veil of colour on the lips with just enough shine and moisture to enhance each shade. A new generation formula that provides a bare lip sensation thanks to its light and non-sticky texture. With it silk extract formula, Colour Boost brings comfort and hydration to your lips for 10 hours. Its waterproof colour and SPF 15 make Colour Boost both practical and beautiful!

It's super glossy, but more watery glossy than tacky glossy. That's one big pro of these Color Boosts, they give you shine without making you dread locking your lips. Very comfortable, and stays for a decent amount of time. They fragrance-free & tasteless, although I do get a teeny tiny whiff of something, like baby powder. The nose of a bloodhound, I tell you.
If you're wondering about the waterproof claim: I did splash my lips with water, and this shade turned pink and the glossiness was gone. I wouldn't wear these while swimming, because they're too glossy and would end up looking messy.
A little tip: When using crayon lippies, fill in lips using the sides of the crayon, so the tip remains pointy. 

Price ~ £7.99 | Rs.821. They probably cost a little less in India.
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5/5

I wore another shade Peach On The Beach here
Swatches of all 4 Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayons here 

Enjoy your Friday, everyone! I'm off to do some shopping. Wedding anniv =)


  1. I would go for this shade too, I think it's gorgeous!

  2. It's an amazing shade and they wear so well, I love these Lip crayons so much that I actually have one in every shade :O). Xx

  3. Super gorgeous shade and such a sexyy pout.. Bows down to the amazing clicks.. heading to bourjois counter.. :)

  4. Your humour is adorable !

  5. This seems sooo glossy and non drying that I think I will pick some up when I see them!!

  6. i picked the same shade & totally love it! they retail for 785 in india... :)

  7. this is just my type of thing...i love glossy lip colours !! :)
    n lol abt the gems thing, i did it too not for any specific colour but just for fun and also for dissolving the outer shell n eating the chocolate part separately :P

  8. Hehe I would Do the same Glamourous Thing With Ice Lollies And I Do same till now !! oooh You Have A Virgo Wedding Anniversary !!!! You Cant Keep Away Virgos From You :* ;) <3 ShrutikA

  9. I love your photos! CZ I want to buy a camera soon and was wondering which ones you recommend? Can you please tell me which one you use? Thanks :* :)

  10. Oh wow that colour is beautiful! These look really nice.

  11. It might sound creepy, but.. you have beautiful lips! :)
    I definitely want to try these new Bourjois Color Boosts!

  12. This is one of the loveliest wearable reds I have seen! Have you prepped your lips using lipliner and/or balm or is this the natural color of the Bourjois lippie?
    Btw I also used to do the thing with Gems.. I thought I was the only freak who did this. :P I also did it with mints so I'd have a minty taste on my lips I could lick off later. :P and with Cadbury Dairy Milk too.. ok I'm gonna stop before people start getting weird ideas.
    Oh, and happy wedding anniversary! :)

    1. Nah, I just exfoliated with a towel & applied only the lippie.
      Hahaha...Dairy Milk too?! :D


  13. Lovely LOTD. Very Good colour♥


  14. It's so pretty!! I really hope they cost less in India...

  15. Love these. Waiting for my spending spree ban to get over. Then I can be ap peace with all these babies in my bag.

  16. You are THE SWATCH QUEEN!!!awesome pics and sexy color!!

  17. Ahhh, you've got such a beautiful lips! Love this chubby!
    My review - Bourjois Color Boost


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