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Weekend Arm Candy And Shopping

Shopping ban is over! Hip, Hip, Hooray! You know what, I've had to live without a lot of things and people for months, and going shopping was the one thing that was filling the void. Giving up something like that for over a month was a sensible thing to do.... but never again! Well, at least while I'm away from homeland =)
Items hauled on Saturday:
  • H&M Floral Mini Skirt (vintage looking watercolor print) - from the sale rack for only £5 (Rs.413)
  • H&M girly thingies.
  • Primark Cardigan
  • Primark Peplum Top
  • Primark Bag 
  • Rimmel Products 

Watch ~ Fossil Georgia Glitz Rose Gold Watch. I'm wearing this more than the Fossil Jesse Rose Gold, coz it's less blingy & feels lighter  |  Pearl Bracelet ~ Forever New.

Under the sunlight


Shopping at Primark.....
Saturday evening was surely the wrong day & time to go to Primark. Almost everything I wanted was out of Size 6, including that mint blazer back there. These high-low skirts in the front are super cute and are available in 3-4 colors. I'm trying to decide whether I want that silk floral mint dress under the mint blazer- it's a bit too long, but it can be altered.
The ones in the front are Primark Bow Back Boucle Dresses. Again, no 6 in the mint ones! Grr. See....see the back.....
Yes, I heard you. Next week! ASAP!

Small Makeup Haul....
I only got 3 Rimmel products ~ 2 Kate Moss Lipsticks & 1 of the new Apocalips Lip Lacquer. Will post swatches. 
That's all the new makeup shtuff, until......
Thursday:  MAC Archies Girls Collection! =)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. OMG I loved the dress! get one for me too LOL

  2. Love that watch! I want a Rose Gold one too!!!

  3. lovely dress,vov!!! bows are like breath for u.....

  4. Cynthia........... pls help me here.... i have never styled my hair(except in salon)
    I want to buy a hair styler, I have MORPHY RICHARDS MAX-10 STYLER , BABYLISS MULTI STYLER(probably 8 styles)and Philips multistyler in mind.
    *Which one is good of quality
    *Buying multistyler is better or just single function equip.
    *Philips doesnt have heat setting!
    *Which damage protection product u advise.
    *Any other advise(I have waist length hair)

  5. yay!!! Cant wait to see the lip lacquer swatches :)

  6. love your watch, metallic rose gold is an awesome color! x

  7. Your watch is definitely very chic! And I hope you get your size for that dress :) it's so adorable! :D

  8. your watch is looking so gorgeous on your wrist :)

  9. back of the dress is really pretty... & Nice watch

  10. The watch is lovely... <3 <3 <3

  11. happing shopping in MAC :) loved the watch :)

  12. Loved the watch !! next buy for me wud be rose gold yay :)

  13. What did you think about the apocalips? I've been DYING to get my hands on them, but it isn't available on amazon or ebay yet. :(


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