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Makeup Pairing ~ Barbie Pink

Been meaning to do posts on makeup pairing since last year. Like, what to wear with certain colors of eyeshadow, blush, lipsticks, nail polish. I thought it'd be fun! I do enjoy playing matchmaker....but only with beauty products. I have tried doing it with people and...tch...never again.

First up is Barbie Pink. In simpler words, matchy-matchy (you know I like matchy-matchy) and I'll do a contrasting pairing with pink next time.

Face: Cathy Doll BB Cream. I didn't plan to do base products, but the pink packaging matches the theme so =) . I like this BB Cream a lot. It tightens pores and smells really good.
Eyes: INGLOT Eyeshadow #362 (matte). Swatch here
Cheeks: Sleek Makeup Flamingo Blush.
Lips: Maybelline Superstay Lipstick Infinitely Fuchsia. Swatch here
Nails: Maybelline MNY My Varnish #264. Worn here 

Do you like this pairing idea? Let me know which colors you want me to do next. On my list is Green.
Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you have fun plans for the weekend. I'm trying to decide whether I should break my shopping ban today evening. H&M is calling out to me!
[I'm coming! Wait, no! I mean, yes! Ugh, I don't know.... shut up! No, sorry... wait!]
H&M: "Final call. Are you coming or not? Otherwise that blazer will be gone forever!" 
Me: "Umm.... I..... Wait, I know the answer.......I'm......."

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. This is a great idea! The pictures are sooo pink ^.^ So very cute! <3
    You should add red and purple to your list too! :D

  2. please swatch the sleek flamingo!! the color looks awesome in the pan! x

  3. This one would be really helpful.. okie am tweeting you some thing now ! :)
    ps- wish i could get that bb cream here !

  4. such a great idea.. n helpful too.. i mean v never realise it unles v want everythng in d same color... cn u do a blue plzz...

  5. great post:)
    im in love with cobalt blue n purple these days! do for those too if ucan:)

  6. love the post!!! I say yes for green :)

  7. --Yes Green.................!!

  8. Very cute post...loved the pics. Would be gr8 if u could do a FOTD too using the products featured :)

  9. Such a cute post! I adore pink makeup but don't find myself reaching for them much... that is sure to change now though!
    I'd love to see a yellow or orange post like this =D

  10. Nice post.. what a lovely idea!!... I'm tempted for sleek flamingo blush!!! :D

  11. princess dressing table look... so girly and beautiful...

  12. Great idea!! Do Tangerine please?

  13. EEeeeeeeeeep ! Pinky pinky i love Girly !! Cynthia mam Red And blue and black next aaah Purple also

    1. Cynthia Mam I wanna ask shud i buy revlon lip butter in Sweet Tart ! Cuz its my MLBB <3 SHRUTIKA

  14. awwww so cute :)

    Preeti Kaur recently posted.. How to lose weight

  15. Fantastic Idea !!
    Do Orange plz !! :)

  16. Awesome idea! Am looking forward for the green post!

  17. so cutee... makes me want to have it >.<

  18. I love pink pink pink, so anytime you want to use a lot of pink I'll probably be alllll about it ^_^


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