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Shoe Shopping Quiz! Which Pair Did I Buy?

One Important TIP before I forget: When you're going shoe shopping in winters, make sure you wear socks & not pantyhose tights/stockings. I had thick tights on under a mini woolen dress, and I had to take them off to try on the shoes. It was awkward, but thankfully there weren't people around to witness me struggle to pull them down without lifting my dress.
So on to some Friday fun! First of all, *jumps and down* Primark Size 3 shoes fit me...well, not all of the size 3's, but these do *jumps higher*
I bought two pairs:
First ~ A black pair in the same design. They're not showing coz they're behind on the other side. 
Second ~ You Guess. It's either Red, Black/ White or Pink/Black. 
Btw, they're for £12 (Rs.980) ONLY! =)
I put this pic up on Instagram (@CZloves) & Twitter, to ask for help while I was in Primark. I just couldn't decide! Seeing what other people would pick really helped, and though I was alone, I felt like I was shopping with friends. Thankooo!
Do comment below with your guess. I'd also love to know which pair YOU would pick for yourself! 
How well do you know your beauty blogger? Don't worry, I won't be upset if you don't get it right. I like all 3 pairs almost equally ;)

Okay, bye bye! I gotta pack & do 20 other things. Talk to again soon....from NEW DELHI! =D


  1. Red ? I guess I would have picked Red too :D

  2. lovely collection... in my guess you must have picked up the coral one :)

  3. going by ur luv 4 pink....i wud say the pink/black one!

  4. pink or the red one... i guess red :)

  5. My guess would be pink and black, btw I would have picked the red ones, they look really hot :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Me thinks it is pink and black.

  8. the red or the pink/black ones!! they'r both very pretty:)

  9. Pink and black =)

  10. It has to be the pink and black one..

  11. You bought the pair in Red!

  12. I think you would have gone for the coral & black one because that one is missing in the shoe stack ;)

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  13. red one is sassy. I would pick that up

  14. i would love to pick the red one ! so classy and can be paired with any outfits :)
    btw i've followed your blog <3


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