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NEW! Sunsilk Straight-Lock Technology

- From Shower to Party Stopper –
A revolutionary technology which locks your tresses and keeps them aligned straight and sleek post hair wash!
Sunsilk unleashes the newest, innovative way of controlling the unwanted hair frizz, leaving your hair straight and slick after your hair wash. This new and advanced technology from the house of Sunsilk locks your hair into a desirable and glossy straight hair look soon after wash, as soon as your hair begins to dry. Sunsilk Perfect Straight is the creation of Sunsilk’s team of groundbreaking hair experts, partnered with insights and expertise of the Tokyo based, world renowned Yuko Yamashita. This new innovation works by controlling wet hair and making them settle into silky strands of lustrous straight hair as and when the hair begins to dry.
How does it work? 
The pioneering Straight-Lock Technology harnesses the power of amino silicone; an adhesive ingredient and mineral oils, locking in that magic moment for perfect shape. This unique technology in the product formula, concentrated in the Conditioner, affixes every strand, nourishing the hair’s fibres while also securing aligned and straight hair.
The Straight-Lock Technology aligns your hair to keep it straight, so you can literally wash and go for the days when you don’t want to miss out what life has to offer. The powerful Conditioner provides essential nourishment to hair, without leaving a residue. This means hair can stay manageable and shiny.

  • 80ml shampoo: Rs 56.
  • 180ml shampoo: Rs 110.
  • 360ml shampoo: Rs 189.
  • 90ml conditioner: Rs 56.
  • 180ml conditioner: Rs 110.

Are you as interested in this range as I am? 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. this works? i have real bad curly hair.. how much id love to have it this straight!! what do i do?
    cz, u must be knowing.. and btw, what about these smoothening, straightening? difference between them?.. tell me more na..plz pleez

    1. try loreal hair hair rebonding,it gives u silky,straight and luxurious hair.Get in done in reputable parlour.I av been doing it for years now.I recently switched to hair smoothning,I liked it more as it straights my hair and yet I can still av my natural volume and bounce.

  2. oh my lord! what is this that I am seeing. hope it does it's job well, can't wait :)

  3. Hi Cynthia, just came across your blog...liked it and wud like to stay in touch. btw does this sunsilk shampoo really works or only when coupled with conditioner and some masks? i've real curly locks.

  4. Hey from wer i can buy this shampoo online??

  5. Wer is this available online


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