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Fashion Haul (SALE) ~ Primark, Jane Norman, Topshop

I got these clothing items on Boxing Day (26th Dec '12) along with all the jewelry I'd blogged about here. I got them at such amazing prices that I had to share!

Primark Black & White Stripe Skater Dress With Blue Belt, £5 (Rs.430) ~ Ya, the blue belt looks so off, but so overlook-able at that price! The fabric is great quality- thick & warm. The black & white stripes make me think of Carrie Bradshaw's 1st Paris outfit.

Jane Norman Butterfly Slit Sleeve Top, £12.50 (Rs.1080). I showed you one in a snake print last year. This is same design, just different (read: better) print. This is in a Size 8 (I'm a 6), but it still fits me fine. I have a thing for slit sleeves, btw.
Primark Duck Print Top With Bow, only £3 (Rs.260) ~ Oh my bows! The price is so ridiculous, no? =D I just love the details- bow, key hole at the back, the ducks..... quack quack!
Oh My Love Grecian Crossover Dress with Gold Belt from Topshop, £15 (Rs.1295)  ~ My favorite. It's now cheaper- £12 on Original price was £39 (around Rs.3360)! It was the last one in XS and was right there in front of my eyes in a busy store, so obviously it was waiting for me! I want to wear it with the Accessorize Gold Bando & gold sequinned pumps (that I'll never find!)
That's it. Oh! You know what? I feel crushed that I missed out on a particular Jane Norman Butterfly Skater Dress, which is now only available in a Size 12 in some sites....

It was on sale on Boxing Day, but was available in a Size 8, so I left it. Especially with this type of high-low dress, I have to stick to a 6. Please tell me it doesn't look  pretty & magical, and that it would have looked horrible on me! T_T

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you had a good week and have exciting plans for the weekend. Have you watched Friends With Kids? I really enjoyed watching it last night. Also, Bridesmaids was laugh out loud funny. Weird that both movies have the same cast. Okay, bye.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. when i saw the butterfly top, i thought its from accessorize! isnt the print so accessorize-ish :P
    great bargains u have got :) awesome stuff:)

  2. omg ! I love it all :D amazing price too :D
    xoxo <3

  3. love the butterfly top :)
    n yeah the dress is HORRIBLE :)

    1. Hahaha...ya it really is..what was I thinking! :D


  4. lol the Jane Norman dress, look at Abhi, she's helping you feel better :P

  5. Great haul! Love the duck print top with bow and the crossover dress is so lovely ^_^

  6. duck top is cute, bow looks beautiful

  7. I loved the quack top the most! Ok, ya, that dress is outright hideous! (not, sorry!)

  8. what amazing buys..the first striped dress is lovee at first sight..


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