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New Year's Eve Prep ~ Makeup & Outfit

I have no idea what to wear tonight. I have this H&M lace embroidered skirt, but I don't know what to wear with it. Damn this freezing weather! We are going to a masquerade party, so I feel like dressing up a little bit Moulin Rouge-ish. I'm planning to make a bustier out of a matching bra to wear with the skirt. But it could look really awful, and I'll end up wearing something else. I don't know.
H&M Skirt ~ That's the back, front is plain. I got this on sale for only £7 (Rs.624)

  • Foundation- MUFE HD Foundation
  • Blush- Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in Strawberry Macaron
  • Eyes- Very smoky. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Eylure Katy Perry Lashes in Cool Kitty 
  • Lips- MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #32 Satin Fuchsia 
  • Hair- The bigger the better. I'm using the large velcro rollers & this fuchsia Babyliss mini hair dryer.
  • Nails- Colorbar Plum Grenadine
  • Necklace- Primark. Jewelry's not final. 

Happy New Year, Everyone!
Have FUN. Drink responsibly. Don't drink & drive. If you're a girl living in Delhi, or any other unsafe city, be extremely careful.
See you in 2013!
I will have a little surprise for you ;)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. So pretty. <3 Happy New Year CZ. :)

  2. Happy New Year 2013 ^^

  3. Happy New Year!! I haven't decided on my makeup tonight!

  4. Beautiful skirt <3 Happy New year Cynthia!

  5. Happy new year!! I like your outfit plans, I hope it all turns out gorgeously ^_^

  6. Awesome! I can't wait to see your post! I dressed up, maked up and had a great dinner with my family! Painted my nails with my favorite bright turqoise and didnt eat too much! Happy New year!

  7. Love the skirt....waiting for your final party FOTD and LOTD....wish you a very happy new year too.

  8. I love your skirt. xxx


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