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Christmas/Holiday Eye Makeup Tutorial ~ Nancy Ajram Inspired

I've wanted to do a Nancy Ajram inspired makeup for a long long time- since last year, to be precise. This year, on 6th April, I seriously planned to do the look, but I guess I got sidetracked again. I know the exact date coz I'd written the post in a Notepad.
Who's Nancy Ajram? She's this Arabic singer. I'm obsessed with only one of her songs - Fi Hagat. Not the song exactly, but the music video. I have watched it a hundred times, I think. So this is kind of a tribute to the song ;) Pic of her makeup in the video......
We have very different eye shapes, so I had to do it to suit my eye shape. She had her eyeshadow right up to her brows, but that would look very weird on my hooded lids. If you have a deep pronounced crease, you could do it exactly like hers.
  1. Apply eyeshadow all over lids & Lower lash line I used Maybelline Color Tattoo Permanent Taupe. You can straight away apply a chocolate brown eyeshadow. I didn't have a dark brown matte eyeshadow.
  2. Take a brown eyeshadow on a blending brush. I used Sigma E25.
  3. Apply the brown eyeshadow on top of the taupe cream eyeshadow. Also apply on lower lash line. I used Urban Decay Buck from Naked Palette.
  4. It should like that.
  5. Take a shimmery taupe or bronze eyeshadow. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo On And On Bronze.
  6. Pat it gently with your ring finger in the center of your lids as shown. Make sure not to touch the edges.
  7. Pat a little bit of gold eyeshadow on top of the bronze.
  8. Reapply the brown eyeshadow making it darker on the outer corners
  9. Get the color in the hollows under your brow bone and blend using circular motions.
  10. Blend & soften the edges of the brown shadow with a fluffy blending brush. I used Sigma E40. Blending Tutorial here.
  11. Line very close to your lashes with black gel liner & an angled liner brush. Start from the outer corners, then line from inner corners by pushing the brush on your lash line, and then join them in the center. I used Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner & MAC 266 angled brush
  12. This is optional: False Lashes. I used Eylure Katy Perry Lashes in Sweetie Pie. Skip if you have naturally full lashes or a darn good mascara.
  13. Apply black mascara to blend the false lashes with your natural ones. I used Maybelline Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara.
  14. Darken the brown eyeshadow on your lower lash line. I mixed Urban Decay Buck & Blackout because I don't have a dark brown eyeshadow with me.
  15. Apply a bit of the shimmery eyeshadows you used on the lids just on inner half of inner corners of lower lash line. I used only Maybelline On And On Bronze with a pencil brush.
  16. DONE! 
 My brows look dusty (in pics only) because I used cold brow wax. Big mistake >.<

Red Lipstick suggestions: Here she's wearing a YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick (as shown in the video) - probably in Red Taboo. Other suggestions: Maybelline Pleasure Me Red & MAC Russian Red.

The Video:
Stupid stupid man, isn't he?  =D

Fi Hagat means 'There Are Things'. Translated to English (because I'm that  interested heehee):
"I can't ask you to make my world sweeter, to change how things are
No matter how close you are to me.... How dear you are
I can't tell you how I want our life to be
Know, on your own, how I want our life to be.
At times, it seems that I'm content
That I'm calm, that I've accepted everything and got used to it
That doesn't mean you can believe that I gave up."
[Full song translated here - if you're interested.]

I love her makeup in last scene as well. Suggestions: 
Eyes: You could use the same taupe Color Tattoo I used here, or any matte taupe eyeshadow.

I will post a full LOTD with these eyes in a bit, but it will no longer be Nancy Ajram inspired. Hope you found the tut helpful.
Post Updated: 
More pics here 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*




  1. Fab EOTD Cynthia :) I like tis song of hers.She luks beautiful and innocent in her vids!

  2. PERFECT! I love how you totally made it suit your eyes. LOVE it! <3

  3. Love it.. But what about the red lips? The naked palette has awesome colours :D

  4. god i love nancy ajram! n totally love enta eih and the ah w noss (i guess i wrote it right!) n the eye makeup is so darn gorgeous!I'm totally copying it for x'mas morning, i plan to go to starbucks (which btw opened sometime back in mumbai) lol idc if my eyes look too made up for coffee =)

    1. Ooh nice that it's opened in Mumbai! Hehe...nah it's totally fine for coffee ;)


  5. Woww.. Loved the colors Cynthia :)

  6. Beautiful, you have done this beautiful makeup so easily,I'm impressed <3

  7. like it. ive been hoping for someone to do the tutorial for this nancy ajram make up. thak you

  8. loved the look..she looks so pretty..loved the video too..indeed a stupid man :D

  9. Wow, Nancy Ajram looks so pretty, her skin looks so pretty in the picture like a doll!

  10. Gorgeous Look ! Loved your EOTD.

  11. Amazing! you've re-created her look (at least her eye look) so well!!! looks lovely.

  12. It looks amazing ! Love this look, totally gonna try it out :D
    Merry Christmas, xoxo <3


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