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Let's Drool!

They say write down the things you want to help you get them.

A recent article I read said Pinterest helps you .... shape your life?.... it's therapeutic?.....something like that, I don't remember exactly ;p For some reason, I can't bring myself to pin! Maybe it's just not for me.

I have a "Wishlist" folder & a "Inspiration" folder in my computer. They're as good as Pinterest .... I'd like to believe.

Here are 4 specific things I recently added to the Wishlist folder:

Forever New Travel Case, $99.99
Forever New Jewelry Organizer, no idea about price 

Sigma Mrs.Bunny Vegan Brushes, $109.00

Mint Shoes! OhMyGod, these are so fab! ^.^

I won't be pinning, but I will be Instagramming. I'm on Instagram! That I'm more in tune with, and will be updating more often.

Which do you want? =)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. aww..such cute things u choose..

  2. I agree with you about Pinterest. I just doesn't feel exciting and satisfying enough for me. I find it a fair waste of time by spending hours and hours 'repining' stuff cause in the end, we don't achieve anything. That's my opinion. =)

    Also, those mint shoes are gorgeous!! =D

  3. Travel case and the jewellery box!

  4. Mint Shoes and Forever New Jewelry Organizer !! :drool:

  5. ah !!! droolin' over travel bag and mint shoes !!! when'd i earn enough ! sigh !

  6. th e shoooooz and the bunny brushes :drool:

  7. The shoes....! *mops up drool from keyboard*

  8. I love the suitcase & jewellrery case!

  9. I really want the jewellery box ♥ SO CUTE >o<


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