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I Heart Nude Nail Polish

Nail Trend Spring 2012- NUDE. Basically, any nail polish that looks like foundation goes. I see nude nail polish & I immediately think about a pair of patent nude pumps. Both chic, both always wearable.

Picking the right nude for your skin tone: Pick a nude that will sort of blend in with the color of your fingers. Darker skin tone? Pick a nude with some brown in it. If you have a skin tone like mine or lighter, you can also pick a lighter nude than this one, but it has to have a pink undertone. This particular shade would work on darker skin tones too.

Just for fun, I randomly applied some heart baubles on top. Boy, these things are so tricky to apply. 

Nude Nail Polish: Colorbar Nex Exclusive Nail Lacquer #66, Rs.150 [I don't know what 'Nex' means]

Chunky Heart Baubles: Bloop (Shown here)

Btw. hope you like the new blog look. I missed girly pink! And yes, I get bored easily ;)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. Lovely shade indeed! Looks really good on ur nails :-)
    Love the blog's new look :-)

  2. I am loving the nude shade alot :D
    Loving th bloggys new makeover too

  3. Love this shade, I have the same colour by Streetwear called Cranberry. My toes are never without it! :D

    1. Cranberry? I'm surprised it's a nude :)


  4. Love the shade and Ya love the new look too..I also like some pinkiness in the in Maybelline Cremosa Nude :)

  5. Those hearts!! super pretty <3 , love the new look Cynthia :)
    and the color is very pretty too :) :)

  6. Cute hearts. I like this nude color. It's very sophisticated. I think it would look great by itself too.

  7. I love nude nails and nude pumps too :) Very pretty nude shade.

  8. i love those nails..
    i want it to be my next nail polish aswell as the heart design

  9. Wow! It's really the perfect nude for you~

  10. Nude nails are so in, and I'm thinking this might be an easier trend to *nail* for most girls than the nude lip trend! :D.. god, I'm so lame with my jokes :P

  11. hey could you tell me where can i get Chunky Heart Baubles nail paint online??


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