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Heart Tweezers? For FREE?

You know I like me some cute unconventional beauty tools & FREE stuff. So when I got these cute heart tweezers for free with my purchase at NEW U, I was overjoyed. Very Tweezerman but with a he♥rt, I thought.
NEW U Cashier: You are getting this.... free. [Very dull man he was.]
Me: Really???! =D It's so cute! ("Nice. Isn't it cute?!", quietly to Mr. CZ) have just that one color and design
See? I'm a true Indian (or woman?). I feel I deserve choices with FREE stuff as well.

It's by a brand called Nice Choice Beauty Tool, which has a ton of beauty tools- scissors, nail stuff, those kind of things. Even Ear Cleaner!
Allow me to get corny now.....

It's too early to wish you Happy Valentine's Day too, right?

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


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