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Lakmé Absolute Plump & Shine 3D Glosses Review & Swatches

"The secret to that juicy pout unravels. This revolutionary 3D lip gloss contains Marine Collagen and high shine pigments to keep lips plump and hydrated all day long." ~ Lakmé

I got 2 shades to try out: 
  • Berryshine ~ A peach with gold shimmer. This is the most attractive out of all the shades in this range. I really love how it looks in the tube! I'd pick it over Nars Orgasm  Lip Gloss, any given day.
  • Candyshine ~ Candy pink with gold & purple shimmer.

These lip glosses look so pretty & tempting in the packaging- especially Berryshine. 

The Good: 
  • The colors look the same in the tube & on the lips.
  • Moisturizing Hydrating (read: non-drying)
  • They do plump up the lips a little.
  • Not so sticky 
  • Shimmer are not too chunky & don't feel gritty.
  • Not totally fragrance-free, but the indescribable weird scent is not strong at all.
  • Packaging is awesome with the metal caps (though one of them is slightly dented- see 1st pic) 
  • Price is okay.

The Bad: 
  • Inside, the gloss sticks to the sides of the tube, so you really have to touch the applicator to the sides to get the desired amount of gloss. This makes the amount look less too. Maybe it's the cold?
  • Shade name printed on the caps, which will eventually fade. 

Upto 6hr claim:
It might be possible coz the formula adhere to the lips really well- like a lip tint topped with gloss. Just don't let anything or any food touch your lips.

The caps have reflective design that can be used as a mirrors

Doe Foot Applicator

Swatches: Berryshine, Candyshine



Price: Rs.375 a tube.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 3.7/5  :)

Available in 6 shades.

These glosses aren't at all bad, I've just used better 3D lipglosses (Bourjois). But if you you're a lip gloss fiend, then you might like them more than I do.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. The second shade candyshine is very pretty,but costly for less quntity!

  2. Wow the colors are so pretty. I like the fact that they are not sticky. Some gloss gel all over.

  3. Liked berry shine..pretty indeed :)

  4. oooo candyshine looks real nice!

  5. I'm pleasantly surprised to like Berryshine most!

  6. I love the second shade...very pretty :)

  7. Ooo...both colors appeal to me! Both would be lovely on any day!

  8. <3 there any lipstick of that similar shade?


    1. There might be. Maybe in Maybelline Water Shine 3D


  9. everything looks good on u CZ. :)

  10. I have this in beige shine & I really liked them :)

  11. OMG, sooo pretty! I have to try these out!

  12. Hi, and how about the cherry shine shade of it ,which comes in red kind of. . .?


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