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Lakmé Absolute Fast & Fabulous Nail Color Purple Plunge

Meet the NNPOTB (New Nail Polish On the Block, okay?Lakmé Fast & Fabulous Nail Color, which promises to go from Wet to Set in 40 seconds & boasts of its unique brush for 1 stroke application.

In the pics I had applied 3 coats of the nail color since it's the shimmery kind. Man, did it dry quick! And yes, the brush is thicker than most nail polish brushes and covers the whole nail at once. It was a cakewalk applying Purple Plunge- no streaks, TG! Although it's a shimmery nail color, it doesn't have a gritty feel, it feels smooth. The shade is rather too cold for this season, but it's one of the prettiest shades in the collection & I couldn't resist.

Lakme Fast & Fabulous 12 Purple Plunge

LOVE: the packaging- I love how LAKME is embossed on the cap, the finish, the brush, the packaging again, and the name- Fast & Fabulous (", I'm fast & fabulous.....err....catch me if you can." Sheesh! Haha...)

DON'T LOVE: I want to say price, but I'm afraid I'll sound cheap (hell, I was robbed recently!). Sigh, will "branded" nail polishes ever be under a 100 bucks ever again?

Price ~ Rs.175
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5

Available in 30 shades.

Have you tried Fast & Fabulous yet?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Such a pretty shade! Love your healthy, long nails too :)

  2. very pretty shade..loved that butterfly ring too :D

  3. Very lovely shade :) Love it.. In affordable rate..
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  4. it's a lovely girly shade! n d bottle n its cap look swish! but 175?! I'd rather pay 25 more and get an OPI or China Glaze during sale time if I so want to splurge!:( N no! u ain't sounding cheap! Even I'd love nail paints, atleast Lakme to be well under 100! Like really well =)

    1. I know! Like, we want to collect so many shades too


  5. Woah that's such a beautiful shade! I don't think I can pull that off but on you it looks perfect!

  6. nice shade! too wish branded nps went under 100/-. Not chance eh?

  7. Isnt the packaging so fab? I was eyeing this electric blue with glitter on it but refrained

  8. such a pretty colour, i love the tiny silver shimmers!

  9. pretty preety shade, loved good on your nails, btw that ring is so awesome...

  10. so pretty<3

  11. A wonderful shade! I'm out to buy this purple plunge! The price is a little up - and as you say I too wonder when the price of branded nail polishes will come under 100! *Sigh*


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