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Bridal Nails With Rhinestones [Bridal Series]

This is one of the easiest DIY bridal nail arts. Quick to do and not at all OTT. I did them on my friend who got married, so I thought I'd put up the pics. 

Products used:
  • Colorbar Nail Lacquer Ivory (shown here)
  • Colorbar Nail Lacquer Clear Top Coat
  • Nail Art Rhinestones I bought from Ebay a while back.

How To:
  • How to place the teeny-tiny crystal on the nails? Dip the pointed tip of a toothpick in water and touch tip to the front of the crystal, then carefully place it on the selected spot before the base nail polish dries. Press crystals gently with the blunt end of the toothpick to secure it in place.
  • It's better that you apply a dot of eyelash glue on where you want the crystal to be, because nail polish won't have a strong enough hold on the crystals. That way they'll last longer too.
  •  After the crystals are placed on all the nails, apply top coat but just a thin coat so as not to dull down the shine of the crystals.
  • Best done the day before the wedding. 

Other colors you can use, depending on the color of your wedding attire:
  • Gold nail polish with gold crystals
  • Silver nail polish with clear crystals
  • French manicure with clear crystals
  • Glitter nail polish with matching crystals
  • Pale pink with pink & clear crystals

Hope you liked!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


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