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Artistic Eye Makeup Contest: Win Too Faced Natural Eye Palette!

Hey Everyone,

Time for our first makeup contest ~ Indian Vanity Case Artistic Eye Makeup Contest. Create an original artistic eye look that would make my jaw drop, and maybe.....a little jealous ;)

The very gorgeous TOO FACED NATURAL EYE PALETTE, worth Rs.3000 = $61 (It costs a lot less than that but I ordered it online, so massive shipping charges) and it's brand new in box. Only ONE person will WIN it!

Here's a closer look at it:

Before you jump to your vanity, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY first. I WILL NOT be responding to questions regarding the rules of this contest, everything you'll need to know is right here:

Who can participate in this contest?
Everybody over 18 years old. Gender no bar. 
This contest is open worldwide. I will ship the prize to anywhere in the world, provided you have a valid mailing address.

Why only eye makeup and not full face?
Some people are shy & not comfortable showing their full faces, so I want to give them a fair chance too.

Mandatory Rules:
  • Contestant must be a follower of Indian Vanity Case blog via GFC. If you're not yet, click on the "Follow" button on the right sidebar over there --->
  • Contestant must 'Like' Indian Vanity Case's Facebook Page.  If you don't have a Facebook account, it's really easy to create one.
  • Contestant must be 18 years old and over.

Before submitting your entry:
  • We don't expect an editorial photograph, but try to click a clear photo with good lighting and without noise. That way you increase your chances of winning.
  • Watermark your photo clearly with "Indian Vanity Case" anywhere on the photo, as long as it's not covering your eyes.
  • You can edit the photo's lighting to your liking, but NO AIRBRUSHING is allowed. 
  • You can show one eye or both eyes or even your head, ears, half your totally depends on how you want to present the look & the size of your artistic creature creation. Example below:
Your photo can be smaller, but NO BIGGER than this

  • Props & accessories are allowed. The more creative, the better. NO RULES here, GO CRAZY, baby!
  • NAME YOUR LOOK. Pick any name that goes with your artistic work. We're no saints, but no words grandma would disapprove of.
  • Post your entry in your blog & mention the products you used for your look. Do link back to this post right here. If you don't have a blog, post your entry on your Facebook wall with  "*Name of your look* @Indian Vanity Case (this is a link to IVC FB page) Artistic Eye Makeup Contest" in the caption.

Entry Submission:
  • Email your entry photo to indianvanitycase(at)gmail(dot)com. SUBJECT: "Artistic Eye Makeup Contest Entry"
  • Provide a link to your blog post or Facebook wall.
  • Also write down the products you used for the look.
  • Sign off with your real name. "Anonymous" just won't do.

*Please send me 1 PHOTO ONLY (You send more than 1 & ask me to choose, I'll possibly ignore your entry. I'm that lazy.)

Where will the photos be posted?
Here in the blog & Indian Vanity Case Facebook Page. However, 'LIKES' & Comments in Facebook will not influence the results. I will be posting the submitted entries regulary for your viewing pleasure.

Contest Deadline:
31st December, 2011 at 11:00 PM IST. Please submit your entries before then. Any photos submitted after the deadline WILL NOT be accepted.

Winner Selection:
I will pick 5 looks that I like the most, then a Poll will be put up for 5 days. That way we all get a say. Contestant with the maximum number of votes will be the WINNER

Terms of Agreement:
  • By submitting your photo, you are allowing Indian Vanity Case to use the photo in any social networking site- Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and any other site that the blog uses.
  • Photos once uploaded cannot be deleted/taken down.
  • Indian Vanity Case has the right to disqualify any contestant who does not follow the rules, submits a photo from the internet (it's a small world!)
  • Rules subject to change with or without prior notification.

The End. It wasn't fun for me to write all of it either. 

Okay, now you can go unleash your inner artist! Good Luck to all the contestants & happy viewing to all my lovely readers.

P.S. Indian Vanity Case will not allow negative/mean/malicious comments on the contestants. Such comments will be deleted promptly & the commentor will be BLOCKED. Let's keep it clean, happy & fun! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. that is a great opportunity .. thanks dear

  2. Interesting concept Cynthia!! I think I am gonna give this a try...I am not even half good as you beauty bloggers but I will try my best :)

  3. And omg! I want that palette!!!It's so gorge!! I love neutral eyeshadows, they just make me drool over over them :P

  4. If only it didn't require a facebook account I'd give it a go...

  5. I'm trying tooo!!! just let me get my digicam battery charged or changed =)

  6. Oh woww--- let me put my thinking cap ON!
    lovely palette :)

  7. Omg.. This is so crazy.. I WANTED TO take part in this so much.. But i am not 18 yet... Why did you have to make it 18+?! i have parental permission.. This is really sad.. can i enter WITH parental permission?! I am 17..!

  8. yeyyy im sooo excited to give this a try. already have 4 looks in mind, will try all over the weekend and see which conceptualizes.

  9. Looking forward to yr looks girlies! ;)


  10. Fathima- Yes u can enter. U already had a blog yr parents know of long before this, so it wouldn't be complete without u :)


  11. @cynthia...Muchos Gracias..! Muaah..! *Runs to make up makeup ideas.*(pun intended)

  12. This is crazy awesome!!! loved the contest!!!! let me think of what to do now... btw Cynthia... only one entry per person right?

  13. Hiya.
    Thanks for hosting such a lovely contest.
    I understand that why you've decided to go with eye make up. I appreciate the diagram you've put up showing us who to photograph our design.
    I'm wondering if its acceptable to extend our design over the brow bone up the forehead, over the temples and to the upper cheeks and nose?


  14. Julia- Yes, you can do anything you want, as long as it's not full face. Go crazy! ;)


  15. Samyukta- Yes, only one entry per person


  16. The Liking System is slightly disappointing but still i would like to try my luck for dis beautiful palette:)

  17. I send the entry..Hope for the best

  18. Why is it only for people above 18? You should have something like "must have parents permission if below 18" or something like that! :/ now I can't enter this!


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