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Bows Bows Everywhere....

....Happy Happy me! :)

Bows are so IN these days. They are everywhere! In all shapes & sizes. I get an adrenaline rush every time I see so much bows. Ya, I might actually do my piling laundry later today.

  • Gloves ~ With the winter approaching, I can't help but want some (read: all) of these cute gloves. In the pic, Blugirl (saw these in Grazia Magazine and I fell in lurrrve instantly), other 3 are Accessorize.

  • Tights ~ How pretty & sexy are these Bebe tights?! I adore the 2nd ones. I wonder if they'll sell them in their store here.

  • Umbrellas ~ Monsoons are over, but nobody will judge you for buying umbrellas all year round. At least I won't! ;)
*Tip ~ DIY-ing these could be easy. Grosgrain ribbon, needle and thread. Ooh...I must try it soon!

  • Hats ~ If we no longer need umbrellas, then we'll definitely need them cute hats soon! My theory: Buy at least one hat every winter. All Accessorize, except the 1st one.
 *Tip: If you have an old, kinda plain, woolen beret, get a fancy flower or bow brooch and pin it on the side. Tada! So cute!

  • Lingerie ~ Bows on bras, panties & bustiers, are getting bigger! Not only that, they are also a tad OTT- placed left, right & center. In the pic above is La Senza Rosa Chiffon Blush set. Isn't the color so gorgeous & unique?! I'm so tired of the overdone pinks, blacks, reds, and lately, the animal prints!

Have a bow-tiful day everybody!

Some of my bow stuff below:

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. wowwieee bows are back!!!
    the lingerie looks very appealing ;)

  2. I'm totally loving the bow trend, I think it makes a boring item super cute! I can't wait to buy things with bows on it, I already have a few hats with bows on it! I want those gloves!!!!

  3. *squeals* I love bows too! Everything is so cute. XD You have a bow-tiful day too, Cynthia!

  4. I started loving bows these days :)

  5. so so cute!!! i like those!!!

    perfect for the cold weather...


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