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He Fancies The Samsung Galaxy TAB 750

This is my entry for Samsung's "It's Time To TAB" Contest hosted by IndiBlogger . Samsung is generously giving away 20 Tablets to 20 winners of this contest.

I have no idea how I'm going to do this! I mean, I have never entered a contest like this before, but I have to do it- one way or another. Why? This is definitely going to sound  cheesy, but I'm doing it for love. ["Ah, love." ~ Ross Gellar.] I want to win it for my hubby, because his birthday is coming up. The man is a gadget freak, so I can think of no better gift than this newly launched Samsung Galaxy TAB 750. 

About the Samsung Galaxy Tab:
This 256.7 x 175.3 x 8.6 mm portable gadget weighs only 565g. It is so light & thin, I'd happily give up my laptop for this! I read that it is even thinner than the iPad 2. With a sharp HD screen and dual speakers with surround sound effect, watching videos on it would be amazing. I wish I knew techie talk, so I can make the following specifications sound like a skit, but I can't. (If only it were a lipstick or a pair of shoes, no?)

Memory: 16 GB User Memory

10.1" widescreen
1280x800 WXGA TFT LCD
149 pixels per inch (ppi)
4-way rotation

Browser ~ Android, Adobe Flash Support

Processor ~ 16Hz  dual-core NVIDIA tegra 2 processor 

Built-in 7000mAH Battery
Stand-by time : 2G- Up to 2120Hr, 3G- Up to 1840Hr.

Bluetooth, USB, TV Output with HDMI Output Accessory, PC Sync Application: Kies.

Full HD Video Playback
Video recording
Video Messaging
Video Telephony: Google talk video chat

Front camera- 2MP
Back Camera- HD (720p) Video recording, 3MP auto-focus camera with LED Flash.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Audio: Music Player with music library.

Google Mobile Service:
Google Talk, Gmail, Video Chat, Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Maps.

Mobile Office:
Polaris Office: PPT, word, excel document creating & editing.

Email ~ Push email through Social Hub

Operating system: Android, Honeycomb 3.1, Multitasking & split view support.

Price: Rs.30,000-35,000.

 Please go HERE for more details & photos of the Samsung Galaxy TAB 750. But wait, read the rest of my post first....

If I DO win the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750:
♥  It will be the best gift (read: most expensive) I'd even given my hubby. I once bought a FCUK shirt that was on SALE for him, and used the extra money to buy some make-up for myself.  He really deserves this gift.
♥  As you know, photography is my newfound love. Hubby will return the favor (I assume) by getting me a DSLR camera. Samsung or that other camera brand, we'll see.
♥  Hubby will love me a little bit more, I think. I don't cook much.
♥  My mobile phone is Samsung Galaxy Ace. Matching!
♥  I can blog on the go! This thing will fit in my handba....oh wait, it's not for me.
♥  I will host a fabulous giveaway here in my blog. A good one! 1 extra entry to all those who comment on this post ;). I'm serious!
♥  There will be a make-up look called "IndiBlogger" 
♥  *Will be disclosed only if I have really won it*

If I DON'T win the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750:
-  "Nahiiiiiii.....!!!"
-  *Sighs*
-  "Why???!!!" 
-  Bye bye DSLR for another 6 months or more. Bye Bye Urban Decay Naked Palette Giveaway. Yes, I was gonna try to get one for one of you if I won this.
-  Hello, cooking + non-ac kitchen!
-  Move on. Put on my favorite lipstick & some killer heels, and head to the mall. I've got a birthday gift to find! 
- Or get creative.
- I'm thinking a handmade birthday card that looks like a tablet....Oh, forget it!

If you've been reading this post till this point, THANK YOU! And if I'm still writing at this point, I really really want it!

*Please support by commenting below & wish me luck! ♥‿♥ 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I wish I can win one too!!

    All the best to you ya!!


  2. i wish u al d best cynthia..loved it!
    but but u r gonna get tough comp from me..m participating too..nd 4 exactly d same reason..i haven't gifted my gadget freak guy anything from ages...sigh..things we have to do ;)

  3. hahaha .. you are such a creative mind and i love to read every word of your blog post :) ..

  4. Hahah i love how uve written this post! by far one of ur funniest ones :D

  5. omg cynthia u have humor! ~impressed~

  6. Good luck babe. Youre so cute *giggles* Hope you win this and make your LOVE happy :P

  7. awww u ....Good luck...and yes i read all the way through

  8. ah love!!!how sweeet f yo,ur hubby s a lucky guy!wit al my heart i really wish yo win dis..

    luvd d 1st pic!

  9. All the best dear and wish that you win the TAB :)

  10. Goodluck! Hope you win it so that you won't have to cook in a non ac kitchen!(and happier hubbies mean better gifts) ^_^

  11. all d very best gurl......................i know u r going 2 win it..!!!

  12. aww how sweet is that... hope u win CZ!

  13. awww!! I hope you win it. Best of luck!

  14. first of all choice is very nice for hubby gift.......and wish you best of luck to win this

  15. aww..CZ ur soo cutee..good luck :))

  16. That is soooo shweet!! All the best :) :)

  17. Ur posts are so fresh and I simply love your sense of humor. All the best & you will win this for your hubby :)

  18. hats off to your way of writing,you makes everything damn sooooo of luck you are definitely gonna win....:)

  19. I really wish you win ! After all , You put so much effort in compiling it all up !!
    Best of luck girl :)

  20. Best of luck!!! Hope you win!! :) :D

  21. Ha ha CZ, I loved you posts especially the part about if you win it & if you don't. You surely have figured an alternate way to your man's heart (conveniently side-stepping the kitchen!) Wish you all the best :)

  22. Good Luck CZ! I hope u do win :D

  23. aww so sweet!! post this article alongwith your entry to the competition, you'll definitely win! All the veryy best!! for your sake, I'm not competing ;)

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  25. Ooops....umm yea...somehow my comment here I go again...Hi Cynthia, Priya here...just wanted to let you know I love reading your blog - always fun, light and a great start to my mornings. For the Samsung tab contest, I think you need to embed the recorded version of the launch in your post to be considered. Thought I'd give you a heads up and wish you good luck!

  26. Awww...Hugsss May U win dis one!


  27. Good luck. Your post made me giggle :)

  28. Unknown ~ I have been putting it one the right sidebar for weeks. I didn't realize that I had to embed it in the post as well! Thank u so much for the heads up! I will do that now.


  29. Vanity- Best of luck to u too! :)

    Jeeya, FPhd ,cpp- aww..thanks girls

    tanvee, Sherlynn, Fathima- thank u so much

    sunaa- Thanks, I hope so too!


  30. sarah- Means a lot dear thanks

    rakshandha, eesha- Thank u! :)

    Kindy- haha...true! =D Thank u

    kanika, anks, poohkie, sim, bhumika, abby, shweta- thanks ladies


  31. sudhi- Glad u liked it...thank u

    Pooja- aww...reallly?! Thank u Pooja, so sweet of u

    palak, bpretty- thanks palak

    IBC- is a furnace! hehe


  32. Tanveer, aarthi, swati- Thank U

    keerthi- I have done that. Aww...u should compete if u want it too :))

    adaa- thanks Adaa...hugs

    PB- Happy to hear that hehe thanks


  33. Awwwwwwww........All the best sweets :)

  34. I am waiting for this tab I am using galaxy tab and with that experience I am sure the new launched tab 750 will make me more happy up to the next Samsung upcoming tab.I love juby

  35. awww !!! i want u to win this for best wishes CZ :)

  36. hahaha fun post.... best of luck.. u'll get it... :-)

  37. Hahhahahahah! Cynthia!! I would have fallen off my chair!!!!
    All the best to you. Hope you win this contest!!

  38. WOW! hilarious post...
    Best luck for the contest :)

  39. Hahahahahaha!! You crack me up, your writing is really humorous :D its the only fashion blog i've seen till date that is <3 Good luck :)

  40. Loved your post...and the K-Series special effects :D
    All the Best!

  41. Thanks for the best wishes ladies, appreciate it <3


  42. heheheh.....I liked reading this post!

    wese I wish you DO win this! All the best :)


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