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New Whitening Skincare Products

I was at the supermarket yesterday, and I picked up some whitening products to repair my winter skin. My  dark spots multiply in the winters, coz I don't sweat. I can also see some of the dreadful melasma forming a map-like shape under the surface on my forehead and sides of my cheeks. Eeks!
So, I have to fight back, and this is my army :):

  • Fair & Lovely Forever Glow For Ageless Fair Skin (Rs.59)~ I haven't seen this before, so it must be new. I bought the smallest one to try out. It has Vita-AHA Complex to darkness, patchiness & darkening. Claims to accelerate cell energy & slow down melanin production.

For those of you who asked about whitening underarm products in my previous post on Dark Underarms here, these Nivea ones are available in India:
  • Nivea Whitening roll-on Deodorant (Rs.165)
  • Nivea Whitening Spray Deodorant (Rs.179)

2 weeks back, I got the other 2 products from the Lotus White Glow range that I wanted to try, but were not available when I bougth the Serum:

  • Lotus White Glow Oatmeal & Yogurt Scrub (Rs.145)
  • Lotus White Glow Micro-Emulsion (Rs.225)
  • Lotus White Glow Serum (Rs.195). More pics and info HERE)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Let us know how it works out for you! I can't find that Nivea whitening for underarms anywhere! :(

  2. eagerly waiting for the review of lotus serum.....
    and wonderign which one to buy gold serum by ponds or lotus one....
    pls let me know wich one satisfied more!!!

  3. give the review of Lotus serum..I'm waiting for it. thanks for sharing dear

  4. That's a nice army! I hope they work.. do let us know how they fare :)

  5. Hey Cynthia do share your views on Fair & Lovely forever glow :)

  6. Good luck lightening your dark spot! I wish I could find all those products here.

  7. You are already fair and lovely cynthia lol.

  8. Haha...Ish. But not flawless :)


  9. Super cute! i love it <3 <3 <3



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