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Lakmé Unveils The Fantasy Collection ~ Product Photos

Every season, Lakmé forecasts and sets the beauty and fashion trends in India in the form of a color collection. It all starts with the global trend immersion by the Lakmé team. The selected trends are translated for different types of faces and skin, and sees culmination in a collection that is co-created with the Lakmé Make up Artists and the Lakmé Grand Finale designer. The Lakmé product collection reflects the expertise of the make up artists and the creativity of the designer.

This season glossy finishes, glitter and shimmer, aqua greens, floral mid tones – all inspired by nature are the theme of Lakmé’s summer Fantasy Collection. The collection has been co created with Lakmé make-up experts Cory & Clint and Grand Finale designers Gauri & Nainika. 

I fancy the Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer & the Cheek Artist, and I'm also glad some floral pinks and peaches have been added to the Enrich Satin Lip Colors.

Looks from Lakmé Fantasy Collection:

Make-up artists, Cory Walia & Clint Fernandes demonstrates some looks using Fantasy Collection products on Lakmé models:

Cory Walia Demonstrates look on Lakme model Shraddha

Clint Fernandes demonstrates look on model Lisa Haydon

Shraddha Kapoor

Lakme faces-Sharddha, Lisa, Vipasha and Amrit

So, which products from this collection lived up to your fantasy?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Me liking the blush sticks....everything else i thot is a bit of an overdose of shimmer from the descriptions...liner might be nice

  2. bronzer looks fab !! same as d trio blush..

  3. Bhumika- ya it is n they do look similar

    pnb- me too...ya mostly shimmer, but I guess it goes with the fantasy theme


  4. I don't own anything from this collection yet but I do have a few Lakme lipsticks :) They are WONDERFUL!

  5. i wud like to have a look at the bronzer, i hope it is good

  6. what r u planning to pick up from this collection?

  7. aarthi- cheek artist & bronzer for sure



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