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My Perfume Collection & Top 6 (Valentine's Day Special)

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting" ~ Christian Dior 

Who likes perfumes?! I'm more of a collector than a wearer of perfumes. So for me, it's not the perfume that matters, it's the bottle. But if both are fabulous then I'll actually wear them. 
After hearing that Lady Gaga is going to launch a perfume that smells like bodily fluids (who's gonna buy that?!), I was inspired to gather all my perfumes for a photoshoot. Weird, I know, but maybe I just needed to replace some rather disturbing images in my head with pretty pictures. 
Valentine's Day is approaching too, and perfumes make disappointment-proof gifts to put in that list of things-you-want for your confused significant other to pick from, or to simply gift your fabulous self (why wait for a man to gift you pretty things?!)

So, here's my collection- half of them gifted, mostly by women ;). Let's start with the pinks...

Incanto Dream by Salvatore Ferragamo, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Azzaro Pink Tonic

Paris Premieres Roses , Baby Doll

Dior J'adore (Oops! Doubles too), Pure Poison

Britney Spears
Fantasy, Curious
Britney Spears was my teen style icon. She represented everything glam & girly. I support her even today (bald head et al), so I'm buying all her perfumes :). Believe next.


The Purples
Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne, BVLGARI Omnia Amethyst


Calvin Klein & Valentino
Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom, Rock 'n' Rose by Valentino (I wanted the one with the black lace and rose, but somehow I ended up with the plain one :( )


The Cuties
Marc Jacobs Daisy, Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci, Vera Wang Flower Princess, Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

Azzaro Now for Women: Small- Bought myself, Big- Gifted
Miami Glow by JLo: Small- Gifted, Big- Bought myself
(See how smaller bottles always look cuter?)


First Love
Glow By JLo ~ Finished the whole thing, but I just can't throw away the bottle!

The Grandma
Elizabeth Taylor Collection ~ Of course it was gifted. I can't even figure out how to open this box! The sides are glued on weirdly. I'll open it when I'm 40 haha.

Perfume Accessory
This is a Swarovski Perfume Refill thingy that you can carry in your handbag


Okay, that's 22 perfumes altogether (not counting the finished Glow by Jlo). My lucky number :). And no, I never counted until now, so I'm pleasantly surprised by that particular number.

Top 6 (smell-wise & in order of preference): 
  • YSL Baby Doll
  • Glow by Jlo
  • YSL Paris
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy
  • Vera Wang Flower Princess
  • Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey
I think I should get a Chanel perfume next. Every girl should have at least one Chanel perfume. Not Chanel No.5 though, coz it smells & looks like a snobbish drunk old woman wearing a tweed coat with shoulder pads ;p

Any perfume collectors out there? What are your favorites?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. OMFG- is that yr dresser..its soo pretty and PINK !. I want a dresser crowded with perfumes like favourites are Guerlain's "My insolecense"- it has the bottle in the shape od a glass rose..and i love princess by vera wang as well.!

  2. PnB- It's my bed actually :). Guerlain Insolence is so cute...I do want it in my collection someday


  3. Nice collection! I don't collect any perfumes tho - I just have a couple from Burberry :)

  4. That is quite a collection you have.. My favorite are Escada's - Into the blue & D&G - Light Blue.. somehow all my favorite are blues :)

    1. Ooh I love Escada too! Pacific paradise was my favorite - I think it was replaced by Into the Blue

      You do realise perfume turns to alcohol after a few years - so don't wait to turn 40 to open that box - it will smell really weird!

    2. Ooh I love Escada too! Pacific paradise was my favorite - I think it was replaced by Into the Blue

      You do realise perfume turns to alcohol after a few years - so don't wait to turn 40 to open that box - it will smell really weird!

  5. i kept scrolling up and down the page with my eyes and mouth open wide... WOW !!!

  6. Hello read your blog on and off, and thought would stop and post a comment. Most days though I rely on body mists and body lotions where perfume is concerned I really like Angel, Pleasures, Happy and Dior Addict...the ricci ricci and marc jacobs daisy from your collection sure look cute :)

  7. Anamika- I want to try Dior Addict & Happy

    Deeptima- haha....thanks girl

    Pooja- pink :)

    T- Yet to try Burberry


  8. OMG Cynthia! The collection is drool worthy! I must come to your house , for that awesome fragrance that lingers at your home!

  9. Glow by Jlo is my fav. too....i got it as a gift..completly ♥ it!!

  10. even YSL's elle is awesome.. :)

  11. LMAO at "I'll open it when I'm 40"! XD

    You have a lovely collection, Cynthia. Perfume gives me the itchies but I do love smelling it!

  12. how daisy by mj and princess by vera wang. i wanted to get them!

  13. I am exactly like how u r..
    1.Buy perfumes for the bottles as well
    2.Keep the boxes until I finish it.
    3.Collector than user ;)

    My favs are Lancome Miracle (My signature perfume), Ck Euphoria Blossom and Bvlgari Amethyst :)

    Perfumes we have in common
    1.Bvlgari Amethyst
    2.Euphoria Blossom
    3.Azzaro Now for Women

    Now even I like doing a post on perfumes .. Have to take a count too ;) Will do tht soon :)

    Great article for a prefume lover like me :)

  14. Happy is my 'put self in a good mood' should try it :)

  15. Hahahaha @ chanel no 5 comment.

    I <3 Glow! was one of my first perfumes ever! Too bad you dont get it anymore :(

  16. Hey! You have a massive collection of perfumes and I am loving them all! The bottles are so pretty and cute!!*drools*

  17. You need to get Theirry Mugler's Angel honey! You wont regret ;) The star shaped bottle will surely match up your collection :p I can see a pattern in your collection for sure, pretty packaging is all you go for isn't it? hehe. But LOVE the collection ♥

  18. Get gawjus- Ya I wanna get that's cute! Hehe...ur right about the pattern

    Sonali-Thanks girl

    Steff-hehe. Oh? I think 'Love at First Glow' is a replacement of that then

    Anamika- I'll check it out then :)

    Aarthi- That's a lot in common. Looking forward to yr post :)


  19. CnF- Thay are awesome! Fresh & floral

    Anon- Oh, will check out Elle then :)


  20. WOW! I am speechless!! You have an AWESOME collection Cynthia!And my mom has the Valentino Rock n Rose with black rose and laces....U should try Gucci Guilty...amazinggggg smell!!

  21. Srish- Thanks! :). Ooh..nice that she has that one. I do want to try a Gucci perfume, so might check that out


  22. fabulousity collection...

    I love the floral / flowers scent:

    ~ Pleasures of Estee Lauder
    ~ Fancy of Anna Sui (forget the full name)
    ~ Romance of Ralph Lauren

    btw, i just loved reading your blog...
    keep it up!

    ps. sneaky reading your blog in our office :D

  23. Starr- sweet of u :D. Thank you! I like the bottle of Flight Of Fancy by Anna Sui.


  24. Rock n Rose to me, is winter in a bottle. It's the most perfect fragrance to wear! It just perks me up :D

  25. You can try Chance by Chanel...i love it so so much!

  26. OMG! Lotsa perfumes! I wish I have a lot like you. I love perfumes too but I only buy ones I can afford. Most of my signature perfumes are gifts from loved ones. I once have that Incanto bottle but I've finished it up already, I hope I didn't to add it to my collection as well.

    ~ Gen

  27. hey good collection ....Im also perfume collector ...
    check out my perfume collection-this is little old and i have added quiet a bit of them
    My fav is coco chanel mademoiselle,Dior Jdore ,Daisy by Marc jacobs,estee lauder pleasure...


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