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New Bourjois Healthy Mix Range

Looks like Bourjois has come up with some new products carrying the Healthy Mix tag:
  • Healthy Mix Serum - A gel foundation
  • Healthy Mix Bonne Mine Loose Powder ~ Matte finish powder made with 96.8% natural formula
  • Kabuki Brush ~ With goat hair
 Healthy Mix Loose powder is available in 2 shades: 51 For Fair to Medium Skin & 56 For Dark and Tanned Skin

My Healthy Mix Foundation is almost over, so I guess I better wait for the gel one now.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I guess this range has done quite well - even I quite like their Healthy Mix foundation :)

  2. gel foundation huh....seems great.will have to check this out

  3. Whenever its Bourjois, I love reading it on your blog :-)

  4. I WANT the loose powder. I don't think these will be launched here. Will probably pick it up when I am in India :) Their 10 hour sleep effect foundation is da bomb!

  5. oh that's a gorgeous shade! I really like their products ^_^ You know, this shade really reminds me of sheer cover products.


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