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Find Katy Perry/Lady Gaga Wigs, Eyelashes & Costume Items At KKCenterHK

I was contacted by this Hong Kong-based online website called KKCenterHK right around the time I was looking for a Katy Perry wig. As you all know wigs and such are very hard to find in India (and Miss Jo didn't have the ones I want ether.) I checked out the site, and boy! They sell a lot of stuff! Wigs, Eyelashes, Gloves & Stockings, MakeupESSIE Nail Polishes, and shoes too! :). They ship internationally, which I'm really happy about, coz I really needed an online store for wigs and stuff. You know I like to dress up! =D

Anyways here's what they sent:

Blonde wig (Click HERE for detailed pics & price)
I just love the curls in this!

Katy Perry/Lady Gaga wig.  (Please click HERE to see detailed pics & price)
It looks like the one Katy Perry wore in 'California Girls'. A little long, so I may need to trim it.

The wigs were packed very nicely to maintain their shape- with fishnets and polythene bags. They are synthetic wigs.

They also sent false eyelashes by a brand called ES

Thick & fluttery. Perfect if you're going for the doll-eyed look

...and some eyelashes with crystals...
So Cute! *.*

Zixianna Eye Putti

This is a multi-purpose glue that you can use with false eyelashes and create a crease if you have monolids. It'll also come in handy when I want larger lids and a deep crease.

Do check out the site girls. You might find something you have been looking for. 
Can't wait to do some looks with the wigs! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure: The items in this post were sent to me by the company for consideration. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I being paid to write this post.


  1. Yeah even I was contacted by them!! They have awesome products!!

  2. ya i got some feather lashes to try out...super fun!

  3. OMG the wigs!! Do a look please!!

  4. Super fun stuff!! I've been loving extensions/wigs recently. Great way to boost hair volume!

  5. Cute lashes! Thanks for the website rec :)

  6. Haha love that purple wig! I have no idea on how to wear them, they never look right on me LOL. You should do a look with the falsies, they look amazing!

  7. Im loving that blond wig with curls...they have some nice hair switches with ponytails too..have u seen those...

  8. hey i went to pick up bite of an apple from mac today but it looked so similar to fleur power i didn't buy it in the end ! hope i did the right thing :)

  9. Rajni- Oh u should've have gotten it! They are v different..Apple is much more coral. But I guess u didn't want it that bad :)

    Pnb- ya it's gorgeous... Nah I haven't seen those ones yet


  10. Everything looks so fab! Waiting for your looks with the Wigs :D :D

  11. Thanks for sharing nice article ...



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