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Nyx Powder Blushes Review & Swatches

Today, I will be swatching and reviewing 2 NYX Powder Blushes- Peach & Pinky. They are both matte blushes, soft & velvety, super-blendable and affordable. They are cutely packed and I like the geometric designs on them too.

Nyx Peach & Pinky

Nyx Blush Peach ~ This is one of my favorite blushes. When I first saw it, I thought it was too light and wouldn't show up on my skin, but I was amazed at how pigmented it was when I tried it on. It shows up a pretty light peach shade on the cheeks. It is my go-to blush which I used to carry in my handbag until I got the Maybelline Angelfit Blushes. It goes with all lipstick and eyeshadow shades- reds, pinks, browns, corals, nudes...anything! In addition to that, it suits both warm and cool skin tones.

Nyx Blush Pinky ~ This is a hot pink blush. It  looks rather loud in the pan, but when applied and blended on the cheeks, it looks really nice. It is my go-to blush when I'm wearing pinks and purples. Most times, I always seem to pick this over MAC Pink Swoon 

Swatches ~ Peach & Pinky

Lasting power- They do stay on the whole day when it's not so hot.
The only complaint I've got is that the blushes are so soft that when you swirl a brush on them, too much product break loose, so you're left with sprinkles of loose blush on the surfaces, which can look messy.

Buy again? YES!

Click HERE if you want to know about the Ebay store I bought them from.

Have a nice week everybody! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I like them both a lot - esp peach.. I shd try these powder ones also - never seem to go beyond the cream ones frm NYX :)

  2. ohhh lovely i love them both...but pink is soooooo pretty.

  3. i will go for peach any time..looks so soft:)

  4. awwww Thank you sooo much for the swatches and Review Cynthia . Thats really very sweet of you ;)

  5. peach seems to be a hot favourite with many! it really id pretty..

  6. cynthia.... that girl in the new ponds ad looks just like you!

  7. anks- really??!! Which ad? I wanna see her hehe

    Rima- ya it's hot :)

    Silverstargirl- ;) anytime girl

    Vanity- ya almost nude


  8. the pink one would look really good on your skin..the peach leaves a nudish tint!

  9. oh wow!
    they look so gorgeous !
    been eye-ing on these blushes for some time now but never had the chance to go buy them. definitely on my to-buy list !
    thank you for the review!

    - Coco

  10. lemme see if i can find a utube vid for u...

  11. I have only one NYX blush. I do love these,but I find them too pigmented for my taste and fall out is such a big issue for me.

  12. loved both esp peach..evn mocha is a nice color..


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