Lakme Gypsy Collection Eye Color Quartet Swatches & Review

Versatile quartets of vivid, high intensity color powders put together to color, shape and highlight your eyes in an explosion of radiant color.

Some of you know what these eyeshadows looked like when they were delivered to me (see here) but somehow I managed to press the broken ones and clean the palettes so they'd look presentable.

Available in 2 shades: Tanjore Rush & Silk Route

Tanjore Rush 

Tanjore Rush Swatches

Silk Route

Silk Route Swatches

I'll start with the Pros:
  • Really pigmented. Because some of them broke into pieces, they actually looked and felt like pigments, which makes the colors pop minus the fallouts.
  • Long-wear. These aren't like those eyeshadows that wash off with just water, and if your apply them wet, it could be a pain to remove them. Great for wearing in the rain I reckon.
  • I like the finish. Shimmery, with a great color payoff. They look somewhat like Urban Decay eyeshadows.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Price. I think Rs.425 for a quartet of this quality is pretty decent.
  • They are all shimmery and vibrant shades. I would've loved it if they added 2 matte finishes  in each. But I don't know if that would go with the "Gypsy"theme though.
  • Break easily. I feel these eyeshadows are too soft and kinda spongy. Which makes blending effortless, but make sure to keep it away from the edge of your vanity table. I guess mine will never see the inside of my suitcase.
  • Very bad sponge tip applicators....

Don't count on them. One has spread it's petals (wings?) & ready to fall (fly?) off already, after washing it only once.

I was surprised that I really like these eyeshadows. I was expecting some garish shades with chunky glitter, but after spending a lot of time with them and cleaning after all that mess, I think they grew on me. Like when a clumsy kid you don't like spit up, so you wipe his mouth coz, you know, you don't want to seem mean or anything (plus you're right there and his mother already handed you the napkin), and he doesn't retaliate but adorably smiles at you. 'Aww... moment' *.*

I wonder if you all get me and my examples =D

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure ~ The products mentioned in this post were sent to me by PR for review purposes.


  1. When do you sleep C? I want the silk route one so bad, the pink is such a pretty one. I saw the vision on ivc's fb page. Really commendable that you made it work ;)

  2. Yes that example is strange. LOL

  3. The green in the Tanjore Rush quad is aweeesome!! Even I feel the quads would be better with a couple of matte shades :( Great review :)

  4. hey the tanjore rush looks amazing!

  5. These products look great, I like that they're so pigmented :)

  6. You must tell us how you managed to make these look so presentable after that nail paint disaster.. I quite like tanjor rush myself, pretty colors for the upcoming Diwali season :)

  7. tanjore rush colors look gud..

  8. WOW. these qudas looks lovely and vibrant :) thanks for sharing.

  9. hehe, i seemed to like the silk route more

  10. Loved the 2nd from left shadow in Tanjore.
    But, I always wonder why can't Lakme come up with a nice neutral quad considering that the
    shadow quality is really good...

  11. Wowwww they are gorgeous!!! I haven't tried them as yet but I really want to have Tanjore rush.

  12. LOL...it is strange now that I read it again. I sleep at weird timings every night so I can't really say when :D. Silk Route is my fav too


  13. Nothing special T. I just pressed the eyeshadows with my finger and cleaned the messy palettes with a wet tissue LOL


  14. wow the colors look nice and pigmented!

  15. Oh these broke by the time they reached you?? You have cleaned it up real well then :) Loved the colours in these quads.

  16. I don't always go for shimmers but I have to say that Tanjore Rush has gorgeous shades there. Pity about the lousy applicators, but that's not such a serious issue.

  17. i have tanjore rush...i love it badly xD


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