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Inglot & Mac Products I'm Trying Out...

The reason I didn't blog at all yesterday - An all day shopping trip with my friend. For a change, my haul wasn't all makeup. I just bought a few items from Mac and Inglot and some clothes ~ One fabulous & most expensive dress I've ever bought and one cheapest fabulous dress I've ever bought ;)

By the way, I wasn't tempted by Mac Petticoat & Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish from the recent In The Groove Collection, coz.... well, I didn't like them AT ALL! I mean, wth was the fuss all about?! I swatched them and almost felt guilty that my heart didn't sing hallelujah. It's also a shame that I could have easily gotten them but didn't, when some other people who really really want them are pouting coz they're either sold out or not available in their country :(

Anyways, the first item is an Inglot Freedom Palette of 3 eyeshadows. You can customize anything you want in the freedom palettes: Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, Concealers, Eyebrow Powders and Wax, Blushes, Pressed Powders.

It's so fun (and confusing!) to hand-pick shades and have your very own customized palette. I'm not a fan of single eyeshadows, which is why I don't buy them much. I prefer my eyeshadows  in a palette.

Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palette (Rs.1200)

Each eyeshadow cost Rs.300 and you pay another 300 for the palette
Inglot eyeshadows has 3 finishes: Double Sparkle, Pearl & Matte.

After about 40 minutes (!), I fickle-mindedly finalised my palette.  

DS 500, DS465, Pearl 444

I've yet to use them on my eyes, but I'm quite liking the textures and pigmentation of these so far.

Swatches: 500, 465, 444

I've wanted to try an arched eyeliner brush since forever and I've only seen one at Inglot here in Delhi, so I finally bought one.

Eyeliner Brush 30T (Rs.640)

I love how Inglot pack their brushes. Sterilized and tightly packed (unlike MAC brushes :\)

The only Mac product I got is the Fix+, a 'love it or hate it' product. I had to find out for myself whether it deserves the hype or the diss

Mac Fix+ Skin Refresher/Finishing Mist (Rs.900)

So, those are things I'll be using a lot now.

Enjoy your weekend =)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. oh lala inglot eyeshadows are beautiful esp the middle one.

  2. Hey Cynthia..Loved your new template and this brush is too cute...i have been looking for it for quiet some time..but didnt get it here:(

  3. i got this palette recently too
    love their shadows better than macs'!

  4. Inglot is such a value for money brand IMO...A trio comparable to MAC quality with just as much variety and a third the price!!Their outlet in select city walk is like a colour factory- i go crazy with the nailpaints over there!

  5. Aint those inglot shades amazing! We wana see a look with them girl :)

  6. the inglot shadows look so pretty! and i have been curious to try angled eyeliner brushes too, i know sonia kashuk has a nice one but i have yet to get myself one!

  7. Anamika ~ Thanks girl. I hope u get it soon

    Shifa~ Will defo do some looks

    Rima~ Oh u did? Ya they are really good!

    Mehak~ I know! the shop is so inviting....n yes their nail paints are incomparable

    @Amy~ U should get one....really makes lining easy


  8. Sarah~ That's my favorite :)


  9. I <33 inglot eyeshadows. They are so pigmented and blend like a dream. I'll have to go to another province to get Inglot in Canada, but I am willing to do that too :P

    And let me know what you think about Fix+. I loved it in summers in Delhi. It remains cool despite the 45 degree weather. I don't use it as a setting spray.
    Looking forward to your reviews.

  10. Love the new blog look! Hehe...maybe you should've bought Petticoat & Stereo Rose and threw it on eBay to make some money. ;)

  11. mac fix+ didnt work for me left me looking like a grease ball now i just spritz some on my 187 brush before applying foundation , hows the quality of the Inglot makeup brushes i am looking for a good blush brush ny suggestions ?

  12. AOYV ~ Ya they are so pigmented n beautiful! Will review it after I've used it for a while for sure

    SnC~ haha...I thought about that but felt lazy :P. Maybe next time

    Rajni~ That's a great tip, thanks! Will try it. Actually most of their face brushes felt scratchy (the testers) so I'm not so impressed coz I guess that's how they'll be after a while. Their Duo fibre brush looks ok though,


  13. Waiting for your review on MAC fix+

  14. the angled liner from inglot looks promising.. let us know cynth


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