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Laura Mercier Undercover Pot Review, Swatches & Photos

# UC-2

What it is:
An innovative travel-friendly pot that combines steps three and four of the Flawless Face into one convenient package for flawless touch-ups.

You get 3 products in this little pot:
  • Secret Camouflage ~ To hide blemishes & imperfections
  • Secret Concealer ~ To combat under-eye circles
  • Loose Setting Powder ~ To set everything in place 


Likes ~ The secret concealer is very creamy, which makes blending it really effortless. It is very pigmented, that you'll only need a teeny tiny amount on each eye. Its does conceal and brighten up my dark circles.

The Loose Setting Powder is simply AMAZING! It is so lightweight that it does feel and look "cashmere" 
You'll feel like you're wearing nothing. It sets the concealer flawlessly. I am definitely getting the bigger jar of this next. It totally deserves all those Awards for so many years.

The packaging is one of the cutest things ever! Travel-friendly indeed. It's never leaving my handbag, that's for sure.  Though I can't help wishing that a tiny brush came with it too :)

Dislikes ~ I don't like the Secret Camouflage part of this. It is *so* matte aka "dry" It's supposed to hide blemishes and imperfections, but it failed to do so, miserably. It didn't even cover my tiny freckles. I'm a little confused by this, and even started to think that I'm not using it right. But there are only so many ways to use a concealer, right? I did try mixing the two, coz I felt the SC is too light for my skin tone, but again, it didn't help.

Secret Camouflage with very little secrets. Meaning it draws attention to my blemishes rather than concealing them. To me, it's like a tattle-tale friend =P
I use this to highlight my brow bone and lids instead, so not a total waste.

How I use The Undercover Pot:
I apply the Secret Concealer with my ring finger or the Sigma SS194 (Concealer Brush now called F70). Then I blend and set the concealer with the Loose Setting Powder using the Sigma SS224 (Tapered Blending brush).

Swatches of #2 ~ Secret Camouflage & Secret Concealer

Below are before & after LM Undercover Pot  photos (Without Foundation)

Without LM Undercover Pot

With LM Undercover Pot

Let's test the Secret Camouflage on a brown spot on my hand, shall we?

After very careful application but still....

Would I recommend it?
Yes. Because there are 2 great products in this pot, and they are also the ones that matter. Think of the other one (Secret Camouflage) as a tag-along friend who talks too much but could sometimes unexpectedly be the only one who could help you with a particular problem.

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥
Price ~ Rs.1853.50 from

Any one of you have any tips on how to apply the Secret Camouflage? Do let me know!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclaimer: The above product was sent to me by for review purposes, but I picked the product myself. The review is based on my own experience.


  1. I doo see visible difference Cynthia..Quiet an interesting product it is..:)

  2. it did hide the spot on the hand pretty well :)

  3. Sounds like a very very good product. Honestly though, you don't have dark circles at all, so it must make it easier for the product :).. I wish these were more readily available here in India :)

  4. @Sarah ~ It looks like it there but u should see how dry the area looks :)

    @Anamika~ Ya it does. Overall a great product


  5. @Tanveer~ True, I my undereyes aren't that dark. I know what u mean...I wish for a lot of stuff to be readily available here!


  6. cynthia you have NO dark cirles girl! I am so jealous hehe. Seems like a nice product :)

  7. Cynthia I agree about loose setting powder. Its amazing and it actually hold your make-up for ever (isn't that another brand? lol). I also like the concealer but I am quite happy with my MUFE full cover one, may give this a try when I am feeling too rich aka when I get a job :P

  8. AOYV~ hehe good one. I really want the big jar of the powder now. Yup it's quite pricey.


  9. Shifa~ Lol...I guess I'm lucky in that part, but I can get darkness on my face at anytime!


  10. Yes you really dont have ANY dark circles..i have a huuugge dark circle problem i hate it !!!..Cant live without my studio sculpt concealer

  11. thanx for this one...will order it from

  12. nice product..all in one case.. coverage also seems to be good..

    my recent post: Review – Sigma Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki Brush – Princess Grace in Pink color

    Amee :)


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