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The Discreet French ~ Bourjois Rose Naturel French Manicure

First of all, me wants that cute little polka dotted Eiffel Tower she's holding! No stress ball for me, that will do =)

Now, about the Bourjois French Manicure in Rose Naturel. Why Rose Naturel? Because the liner is a subtle pink color, which looks discreet and neat (according to Bourjois)
French manicure in a box & in 3 simple steps:
  1. French Rose liner on the tips
  2. So Laque Rose lounge all over your nail
  3. Finish with the Fixant Brillant top coat

What makes this manicure kit special is the brush........

The tapered brush is made for a perfect at-home French manicure. Very very easy to work with!

Here's how the Rose Naturel set looks (Please excuse the un-filed discolored nails)......

I did them in a hurry so they're not so neat, but you get the idea.

There are 2 types of Bourjois French Manicure kits. This is the other one......

With White French Liner

If you want a French-French 'glamorous & sophisticated according to Bourjois' manicure, go for the white. But if you want a subtler 'are those your natural nails?' French, then pick up the Rose one. 
Your nails will look French with either one of them.

Okay, now I'll stop with the 'French' 

Price ~ Rs.630

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. The set is so cute!! I love french manis

  2. you know, that is actually the most natural french mani ive ever seen . :)

  3. I must have this one!Your nails gorgeous by the way!!!

  4. Your nails are beautiful! I like French nails.

  5. Oooh the pink adds a new flavor to it :D

  6. So delicate and pretty...and yeah that Eiffel tower is cute..

  7. aww i love how the brush is cut specially designed for french tips! great idea :)

  8. I saw then the other day but didnt pick them up:(

  9. Loving the french tips! the tapered brush tip is so cool and convenient for creating a french manicure!xoxo

  10. I sooo love French Manis too! It's so classy and an all-time-favorite! =D How I wish we have 'Buorjois' here in the Phils. so I can grab that French Mani Kit... ;)

  11. Love the nails. =)

    I just followed.



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