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Bourjois Elastic Mascara ~ Hit or Miss?

What it claims:
130% more visible length. All the short and fine ones are lengthened to the max and smoothly coated from root to tip thanks to an innovative stretchable formula that form extensions beyond the tip of lashes.
Enriched with hevea from the rubber tree, the formula stretches your lashes upto 130% beyond their natural length.

What's more, this high tolerance formula, enriched with natural waxes is suitable for sensitive eyes and easy to remove with polymers specially selected for their water affinity.
Tips on how to apply this mascara: Apply with large and slow gestures, that follow the lash from root to tip. This makes it possible to stretch the formula beyond the tip of lashes and to spread it evenly, with no clumps or sticky effect.

Price ~ Rs.550

The Brush (How scary-looking is that?!)

Long story short, I don't like it! 130% bogus. Never have I found a mascara that makes my lashes so uneven. You'll see for yourself in the pics below.
The first time I tried this mascara, a lil' bit got in my eye and "Oh, my eye! My eye!" (Joey Tribbiani moment) It stung real bad! And they said suitable for sensitive eyes =[

Every time the "formula" somehow settles and clumps at the base of my lashes while I'm applying, which makes the whole process very clum(p)sy. 

With Elastic Mascara (2 coats) & Without (bare-ly lashes)

Full-on Unevenness 

Tell me, do you see any increase in length? 
I don't know what else to say, and what to do with it now.

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥
Too harsh? Okay, ♥♥♥♥♥. Nah....forget it. 
Does it even matter? =D

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. thanks for the review! I'd actually buy it if I saw it in the shops because of the promising 130% lash long thing.

  2. ohh thats a shame it din work :( Thanks for letting us know otherwise I would plunged on to a purchase too

  3. It does elongate, but not majorly. It clumps more. My benefit bad gal mascara does the same now, but its more than 3-months old so I should toss it out anyways. i hateeeee clumpy mascaras.

  4. Sheesh thats bad!....i hope it didn't hurt your eyes much......the wand looked allot like the maybellines define a lash mascara....but that workds pretty well......its not the newest of their mascaras but maybe you could try it....thanks for the review...

  5. Awwww... I so wanted this to work, coz it seemed so nice..

    Thks for the honest review, and saving me a few bucks :)

  6. i got the liner effect mascara and its horrible my eyes go red when i use it , i love bourjois but i guess mascaras is not their thing :(


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