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New Bourjois Launches India

If you love Bourjois, you gotta love it even more for not taking *too* long to launch their nouveau products in India.
Here are the products that Bourjois will be launching very very soon. And yes, I want them all, so I am VERY excited!

Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipsticks
They will be priced at Rs.600 each

Elastic Mascara

Only Black will be launched. Priced at Rs.550

French Manicure Set

They were selling a French Manicure Set before, which was the peachy beige color (which I got), not the pinkish one (which I wanted). Now they'll be selling the pinkish one *happy face* 
Price ~ Rs.630

***All these products will be available in all Bourjois counters by the end of this week (2-3 days)


♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I want the first too products Cynthia..both ar decently priced and looks great:)

  2. Wa it a sec - I think I did get the pinkish manicure set! It's got a clear topcoat, a white nailpaint and a rose vernis pinky nailpaint!

    btw, meant to tell you after reading the nailpaint dupe post - you can get OPI in dlf promenade mall :)

  3. The elastic mascara sounds good :).. I only wish they did launch colors like brown too, instead of black always.. But still I'd like to try the elastic mascara for sure :)

  4. Ohhh I am tempted to get my hands on the Bourjois elastic mascara! xoxo

  5. Wow.. You won't belive Cynth I was waiting for these mascaras and used to chk out their counters every now and then. Yay !!! I am still waiting for the gloss :(

  6. This is indeed great news! :)

  7. ELASTIC mascara sounds so cool!

  8. Ooh, the packaging on the lippie looks really nice =D

  9. I wanna try the ELASTIC mascara ..I
    'm going crazy over mascara these days :)

  10. Hi Cynthia, I have a question. How do you keep track of the upcoming Bourjois launches, colours and all? Is there a newsletter one can subscribe to, or does bourjois India have a website? Like you, I am a Bourjois fan. Because of lack of information on new products, shades etc, I often end up buying products from other inferior brands. I will be so grateful if you tell me where you get the information so that I can sign up too!! Thanks!

  11. Hi Emile,

    I'm sorry to say that there's no newsletter or anything like that. I get info from the stores here. Also the Bourjois 'France' website is more updated with new products n such, so u can check it out every now n then.

    Hope that helps.


  12. Thanks so much!! I'll check out the website and of course, keep track of your blog!! Cheers :)


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