Lakme Night Fever Aqua Shine Lipcolor & Lip Artist ~ Reviews & Swatches

As requested by most of you, here are the reviews and swatches of two lip products from the 'Lakme Night Fever Collection By Suneet Verma'
Warning : Picture heavy!

Aqua Shine Lipcolor

A revolutionary product that’s everyone’s favourite. It’s a lipstick, a lip balm and lip gloss all in one. Available in brand new colors of the season. From luscious Sangria and Plum to sophisticated Sepia and Firebrick shades. With a unique applicator for enhanced color delivery. Just one sweep and you’re ready to go.
Price ~ Rs.425

Bottom to top ~ Sepia, Sangria, Plum, Firebrick

Sepia, Sangria, Plum, Firebrick

Sepia ~ A dark brown brown shade, which could be an MLBB (my lips but better) for some with dark pigmented lips
Sangria ~ A wine shade with orange undertones
Plum ~ A dark berry shade with fuchsia undertones
Firebrick ~ This is very similar to Sepia with a bit more orange/peach undertones to it

Sponge applicator

Here are the swatches. These were taken in natural light without flash, but they did come out a bit lighter than the actual shade because of the shine of the lipcolor. I'd say the actual shade is roughly 1 shade darker than what you see in theses pics





Without Flash

With Flash

I reviewed this last year here
I still feel the same way about them. I love love love the smell of these. I do, however, think these Aqua Shine Lipcolors from this collection are a bit thicker, but that could be because they are a lot more pigmented than the shade I reviewed before, which is 'Old Rose' 
These are also priced higher than the original price, which is Rs.395
To be honest, I personally would not purchase these shades for myself, because I like none of them. They are just too dark and old-fashioned. 
'Night Fever Collection' I assumed means for a night out/clubbing, right? Who enjoys nightlife mostly? Young people, let's say those below 40?  But these shades say over 40 to me. I wouldn't gift these to my mom either. I don't want her to look older than she is! =D

Rating~ ♥♥♥♥♥ for the product, ♥♥♥♥♥ for the shades.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~☻~~☻ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lip Artist

The Lakme Multiple?

Use these color rich sticks to define your lip line or fill with intense color. Enhanced with skin care vitamins for soft, smooth application. Take your pick of the hottest shades from deep crimsons to classic terracottas
Price ~ Rs.250

Terracotta, Sienna, Crimson

Terracotta ~ A dark coral shade and it's my favorite out of all three. I will call it my "Lakme Mutiple" coz I tried using it as a cream blush too and it looks nice! ;) 
Sienna ~  A medium brown shade. Those with dark skin tones could also use this to contour and as a bronzer.
Crimson ~ A deep red shade




Terracotta, Sienna, Crimson

These are soft and creamy. I think they are the best additions to this collection. Again, I really wish there were more shades, like rose and pink . You can apply these sheerly and smudge to make them look like lip stains. 
They do not dry out my lips and are quite long lasting
The only thing that might bother some people is the scent of it. The same one the Enrich Satin Lipstick  has, which, again is not really a con for me.

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ + .5

Disclaimer ~ These were sent to me by the company's PR for consideration


  1. love the swatches and the colors :) these look great

  2. thanks so much! lip swatches help a lot!
    i personally like all the shades. the only difference that i notice between this and the new formula is as you said, the increase in the pigmentation. i also notice a reduction in the glossiness. and lakme multiple ;) their price is reaaally amazing!

  3. Great review Cynthia..

    I got aqua shine lip color during my marriage and now they are lying waste..I don like them ...

    I liked these lip artist and I think they are pretty intense and glides easily..:)

  4. @Sara H ~ Glad u like them

    @Rima~ Yup, the glossiness is less in these coz of the thicker consistency I guess

    @Anamika ~ Too bad :P I don't use mine much either even though I like it


  5. The plum Aqua Shine Lipcolor is so pretty! :)

  6. those are lovely colors you picked out. I like the firebrick one on you a lot!

  7. wow! they look so pigmented and really vibrant..

  8. Hi there, I'm the editor of Beautyswatch.com, a blog colour library with swatches of lipsticks of different skintones. We would love to upload the Lakme Aqua Lip Shine swatches if we have your permission. I also have a Lakme Aqua Shine in coral, love it~ Let me know if you're interested. My email is akisalove(at)gmail.com

  9. cynthia i personally feel , aqua shine has those kind of shades which our moms used to wear in 80s , what do you think? lol

  10. I don't like any of these aquashine colours :( I like ur Old Rose though ;)

  11. I love lakme "multiple" :P specially the teracotta shade .. its a great color .. stays long .. doesnt dry my lips .. Now I'm gonna buy a back up of teracotta ,the next time I'm in market ;)

  12. @Aarthi~ Ya Old Rose is one of my fav lippies. These shades are ugh


  13. at least you have lakme cosmetics to replace the stinkin maybelline india :D

  14. I love teracotta lip artist .. such pretty color and is indeed a "multiple" :D
    I dont like any of the Aquashine color from this range :(
    Too bland :|

  15. Lovely shades! I am loving the Aqua Shine Lipcolor
    in plum and Lip Artist in Terracotta! xoxo

  16. I too felt the same way about the Aquashines.. They just feel thicker..

    I will be reviewing the lip artists very soon, is it ok if i give the link of this post in my review for those who wld like to see swatches?

    Thks :)

  17. @Tanveer ~ Yup yup...link anything u want lol


  18. I am in love with those Lakme aquashines too :)

  19. Hi,

    I am current in love with the terracotta colour ,I have a fair skin.. but would like to have a darker shade in teracotta which can be worned at night party... can you please suggest which brand lipstick would be the best for this color ?


  20. Hey Mimi, u can find that shade in many brands. Check out Colorbar, Mac. I'm sure you'll find a shade like that in Maybelline Color Sensational.



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