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Jessica Simpson Doesn't Brush Her Teeth ~ Dental Care

Okay, I read in the paper that Jessica Simpson doesn't brush her teeth. Yeah. I found it hard to believe! But then I found this video to prove it.

So, let's talk about dental care for a change.

Brushing ~ Teeth have to be brushed at least once a day, no matter what (WTH Jessica!) Normally, twice a day is recommended but if you're sometimes lazy about brushing at night time, a mouthwash will suffice. I like the AM PM mouthwash. It comes in two type ~ blue minty and red herbal. I prefer the blue one.
Whitening ~ Many things like caffeine and tobacco can stain your teeth. I drink lots of tea everyday and my teeth are never white-white. Only professional bleaching procedure can make your teeth white-white. That would cost from Rs.4000-10,000, depending on the type of procedure. If you want the cosmetic kinds like the ones you see on celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, etc, it'll cost you A LOT more. Yup, my dentist showed me the type. For now, I am really liking Pearl Drops Daily Shine Toothpolish. It does remove tea stains to some extent. There are some other similar products from Pearl Drops in the markets right now like one for smokers too. There are not many whitening products in India at the moment, so these will have to do for now.

Flossing ~ Honestly, I find flossing very tedious, but I try to floss at least twice a week. I like to use use the Oral-B Hummingbird because it's fun to use it (To see how it works click here )

Natural Products ~ Strawberries: I just love strawberries. I cut them into fours and sprinkle a bit of Originale Quick Dissolve sugar. I notice that my teeth look brighter and feel cleaner and very smooth. Baking Powder: Twice or thrice a week, I sprinkle a pinch of baking powder on top of my toothpaste and brush. It feels like an exfoliator for my teeth. Love! Crushed Charcoal~ This is an age-old method of whitening teeth. Just thought it's worth a mention. And yes, I have tried it a long long time ago =)

Uneven teeth ~ If you're too old for braces, go for veneers. I recommend them 100%. Worked for me and I've had them for almost 5 years and faced no problems till now (touch wood)

You got any more tips? Spill! 
♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Omg ew... i brush them sometimes even 3 times a day....

  2. OMG!What is it with Jessica S? Is she mad? lol!!

    I also like the AM PM mouth washes. They are really nice and make my mouth feel all clean and germ free.

    The strawberry tip is quite tempting. i'll try that. :)

  3. whoa. she doesn't brush her teeth? maybe she has an alternative method of cleaning them. i love any kind of mouthwash but don't use them regularly. i don't floss either. but it's important!

  4. I think she is like just kidding, or saying it for publicity.. dunno.

    I too use this pearl drops solution at times - like u said it is okish.

    I actually make my own mouthwash at home with hydrogen peroxide (h2o2): Just add a drop of the soln to about 5 ml of water and gargle - not only does it kills microbes but also whitens teeth.

  5. OOh gosh !!! Even i read that but this video ....Nice review:)

    There are many ways in which you can keep your mouth fresh and germ free..

    first of all to whiten it up just put little salt in half squeezed lemon and brush your teeth with it.

    Hydrgoen peroxide solution mixing it water works good time.

    but Jessica simpson....yukk

  6. I think sticking to the basics is the best. Go to the dentist every 6 months, brush twice a day, floss once a day.

  7. Not brush her teeth?! Anyway, baking soda with toothpaste - very interesting tip! I drink a lot of tea too and I'm not too happy with the staining. :( I enjoyed reading this post. Always very informative. :)

  8. She's a ball of fun, isn't she? LOL! *cues pic of her with sheet mask* Crest Whitestrips are amazing. Do you have these there?

  9. haha! i had a good laugh while watching jessica.

    i would love to have crest whitestrips but its not available in my country. deym!

  10. ewww, I knew there was a reason I was never a fan of Jessica S!!

    as for some tips to whiter teeth the organic way, I have tried this and it is an old method mentioned in the texts of epic physicians too. and REALLY simple to boot!!

    here goes: take a spoonful of oil (olive and sunflower best) and spoon it into your mouth.then using ur tongue, squish it around like you do water after you brush your this for about 5-8 minutes and spit it out.the oil should have emulsified and turned this first thing in the morning, before brushing.results are visible in a week depending on severity of teeth stains :)


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