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Vaseline Hand & Nail Conditioning Hand Lotion ~ Review

Vaseline Hand & Nail Conditioning hand lotion with Keratin and Vitamin E is a fairly nice hand cream, but not something repurchase-worthy. I'm not sure if it made my nails stronger or any different than they used to be. As for the hands, they somehow feel plumper with this on, or maybe it's just the heat. Please excuse my ambivalence. I do think it's not moisturizing enough for a hand cream.

Bottom line is I wouldn't repurchase it and I wouldn't gladly recommend it to anybody, but I'll still use it up. Who knows? Maybe something miraculous will...uhm....or whatever.

I was very disappointed with this packaging too. I think it was imported from Dubai or somewhere. I find it very ugly!

Price ~ Rs.50 for 75ml.
Product rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 
Packaging ~ 1.5/5 ( I feel like transferring the contents to another container.)

The original packaging looks like this.........
Isn't it cuter?! I might repurchase it if it comes in that.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. your blog looks so cute now. its so girly and feminine :)

  2. hehe .. You seem a sucker for packaging .. just like me ..even I cant say NO to good packaging :P

    its somethin that I'll like to give a try .. only if it came in smaller size :/

  3. Hey..

    I was planning a review on this. It didn't work for me either. TBS Hemp Hand cream is 100 times better :-)

    Have you tried it?

  4. Btw,

    I too love this template of yours and that girl in the header looks very much like you Cynth..really :-)

    Did you buy the template as a pre made ?

  5. Cynthia
    I really love your blog outlook. too bad I don't know how to do mine.

  6. so we're all suckers for packaging!

  7. i have the cuter version and i really like it :) the other packaging is ugly! hehe

  8. @Palak ~ Ya girl packaging really matters

    @GGG~Not tried that yet. 3rd time somebody have told me about that girl hehe...I have to get a gift for a friend who sent me the layout :).

    @Lavender~ Thanks...Anybody can do it..give it a try :)

    @Rima~ that we are!

    @Shifa~ really is!


  9. Do rewiev a good hand cream,, i have brittle nails will help:)

  10. You done very well,Cynthia.I`m goming happy then I visiting your beautiful blog.Thank you!:D
    Welcome to me blog.

  11. lol. try body shop's almond hand and nail cream. you'll love it. you are not too enthusiastic about this one :P

  12. Yes the packaging kinda sucks but I like to use Vaseline lotions,hehe do keep us posted if in case it does any miracle on your hands xoxo

  13. i love vaseline stuff. i just dont know if the vaseline company in my country carries this kind of product in our market.

    yeah. i like the original packaging of that.

  14. Oh my goodness, I love your new blog look Cynthia! So girly =D Hmm...I agree that the original packaging for this hand lotion looked much better. Thanks for the review!

  15. I agree with the packaging part. Yes it does make the hands feel plumper however that is coz of the heat as I have used this one in winters and its nice in the cold delhi temperature. I would recommend it to be used only in winter :)... You have a g8t blog..

  16. OMG i discovered ur blog today
    how much did i lose?
    but now will be a regular
    how do i follow your blog?
    i am huge make up addict(although i use minimal)
    and have a huge collection from color bar lipsticks and nail paints
    i love oriflame products too

  17. hey i have to add
    this cream does improve the condition of the nails
    i have personally experienced
    and also recommended a girl from office
    my nails had gone pathetic but after a month's use, my nails grew better
    ya it may be sticky though
    i guess all nail creams would do the same
    any one willing to try a non sticky hand and nail cream ...try the swedish spa treatment from oriflame and sleep with it on
    its amazing
    OMG i have so many products to review
    I buy some thing new eaxh day
    i love beauty products

  18. @Neha~ I see u already figured out how to follow :). Always great to meet another beauty addict. I couldn't say if it made my nails better coz I always have nail polish on. Btw, u have a blog? There's no let me know k

    @Pooja~ Thank u. Then I might buy itagain next winter :)

    @SnC~ thanks :D

    @jing~ they might have

    @sonali~ I will girl

    @Kata~Thanks girly...I will visit u :)

    @VO~ I definitely will when I find it


  19. @Shivani~ lol! ya not at all. I'll check out the BS one


  20. hey! I have this as well in the older packaging. I found it to be okish - not bad but nothing to rave about either. In fact it was soon replaced by Biotique's wheatgerm cream - a much thicker cream.

    Btw your new layout looks real fab, & even I agree - that girl on top looks like u :)

  21. @T~ Ur lucky at least u got the older packaging :). Yet to try the Biotique one. Hehe.. I should have her outfit now lol


  22. Oh, you're so right. The original packaging is chubbier and so much cuter! Heh heh!

  23. My vaseline hand a nail cream came in a pink packaging for 50rupees and it was a nice one cause c'mmon for 50rupees it was nice for those times when we all become broke for a while haha.

    Now these days i am using MARKS & SPENCERS (in great india place mall in noida) COCOA BUTTER AND VANILLA hand and nail cream which was in discount that time when i got it and tht was very long time back so i'm guessing it was with in 300rupees and i think i might repurchase it just cause of how it smells! XD

    P.S Ur blog is very nice and lovely.

    Check out mine when ever u have time

  24. i am sooo glad that i bumped into your blog^_^ i'll bookmark it and follow it^_^
    this is a really good and informative blog^_^ i love it^_^
    you're doing a great job!
    keep up the good work^_^

  25. @Sangeetha~ Hi...thank u so much! :)



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