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Your Hands Will Talk

Before you put your hands to your ears, please read on to find out what I mean.

We all look for the perfect anti-aging cream for our laugh lines and crow's feet, but we need to remind ourselves that we also need to treat our hands with just as much care as we do our faces. 

I read a blog entry of AngMoGirl's Blog (Hi Shilka! ^o^) about skincare and she mentioned that Madonna wears gloves because her arms and hands look older than her face and even top skincare professionals can do very little about it. It really cracked me up. The gloves, I mean. Although I read somewhere that it's just a rumor/lie. Hard to say what's true and what's not in Hollywood. Let's just think that it could very easily be true because she does wear gloves a lot! What this shows us is no matter how much money you have or have the best plastic surgeon on your speed dial, there are some things that can't be reversed. 
The bottomline is ~ Your hands will always give up your age.

I remember seeing a 'Hand Rejuvenation' scene on Nip/Tuck. Looked really painful and expensive. But hey, why think of that while we can take care of them NOW, right?!        

Think of your hands as fraternal twins - one is always better looking than the other The "other" being the hand you use more - right if you're right-handed and left if you're left handed. I'm right-handed so my left hand is better looking and more dainty whereas my right hand is a bit more butch with visible veins.

Here are some anti-aging tips for hands that you might like:
  • Hand  Wash ~ Always use a good, non-drying hand wash. Every once in a while, I put a few drops of coconut or olive oil into my handwash. This prevents dryness and has anti-aging benefits too.
  • Washing ~ Avoid using hand wash on the back middle part of your hand every time you wash your hands unless it is really necessary. Washing only the fingers and front is enough every time.
  • Exfoliate ~ Using a scrub on your hands is as necessary as it is for your face. Use a body scrub 2-3 times a week. Don't forget to exfoliate around your finger nails.
  • Hand cream/lotion ~ I always have hand cream or some type of lotion in a pump bottle beside the handwash in my bathrooms. That way I apply it right after washing to lock in the moisture. When asked about how she stays young, Sharon Stone said that she applies moisturizer in her bathroom right after her bath or shower before her skin dries completely. I always carry one in my handbag
  • Housework ~ If you're like me and do your own dishes and laundry, then you need to take extra care. If you wear gloves then well and good. I myself don't. I just find them very uncomfortable. Most gloves are always too big for my hands anyways, so I look like I'm flapping more than working with them on. I just pile on the moisturizers, hand creams and nail creams afterwards.
  • Sunscreen ~ Just like you slather on the sunscreen on your face, arms and legs before stepping out of your house, it is vital not to forget the back of your hands and fingers too. Knuckles and the areas near your nails can easily darken from the sun and you don't want wrinkly hands either.
  • Idle time ~ Sometimes when I'm watching TV, I warm up some oil in a large bowl for about 10-20 seconds (varies) in the microwave, and soak my hands palms up. Massaging them throughout. This is good for both your hands and nails. You can do this for your feet too.
  • Bedtime ~ Before going to bed I prefer to use an anti-aging cream on my hands. Right now I use Olay Total Effects (Normal) because it does nothing for my face and I don't want it to go to waste. Some people even wear moisturizing gloves to bed, like Will Truman of Will & Grace :) but I would find them uncomfortable in bed. I wouldn't mind using them during Idle time though.

My Handbag Hand Creams Of The Year:

Avon Wild Apple & Grape Hand and Body Lotion
This is great as a summer hand cream because it is not at all greasy and disappers into the skin in no time. It smells really good, like the name.

Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Butter

Lakme Strawberry Creme
For this winter, I picked Lakme Strawberry Creme. I have always liked this cream, especially the strawberry smell. It does not feel great on my face in summers when my skin gets very oily, but in dry winters it makes my skin feel really *great*! So soft. The jar is quite heavy to tote it around in my handbag, so I will transfer some into another light jar/container.

I think it is somewhat similar to Body Shop Body Butters, except it has a mousse-like lighter texture, while BS body butters have a heavier buttery texture (obviously) and heavier. But they feel almost the same on the skin.
Comparing Lakme Strawberry Creme with BS Body Butters ( I wish I still had the Strawberry one for proper comparison.)
I think Lakme should come up with a bigger version of this for body. A cheaper alternative to pricier BS BB. LoL! Me and my demands from Lakme, huh? :)

Sunplay Sunscreen Lotions SPF 50+
These sunscreen lotions are milky and moisturizing, so apart from my face, I really like to use them on my  hands.

***So, look at your hands now, will there come a time when they'll wave at people and say "Hi, we're phoo....ouch...what the hell...have we become blind??"

Cynthia Z ^_^



  1. Such an awesome post, Cynthia. :)Especiily tipping a drop or two of oil in your handwash is the one to die for.

    I like to use hand creams, especially. I can do with mositurisers as well but I don't know I somehow LIKE handcreams. :)

  2. Thanks girl..I know they do have their own special charm :)

  3. Next time I'm going home, I'll take a look at my mom's hands. Haha.

    I've never tried specific hand creams before but now I'm tempted to get one. That's a good tip about putting a moisturizer in the bathroom. I sometimes forgets putting on body moisturizer after getting out of the shower >.<

  4. Hey! I totally agree with everything that you just mentioned in your post about hand care!

    I like to use bodyshop BB after getting out of shower, it makes my skin soft and supple, I really can't do without my BB especially during the harsh UK winters when my skin feels extra dry xoxo

  5. its so common how easily we ignore our hands gurlie! you're so right they should be taken care of more often. I totally ignore my hands and just put some hand cream when ever I can remember :S I will definately give your regime a go ;)

  6. Cynthia, I love this post! :) I agree with you that we tend to forget to care for our hands. I carry a bottle of lotion with me everywhere too and always moisturize right after washing them. (I love your tip about adding oil to handwash btw :) And I make a point to exfoliate. I do however need to work on remembering to use sunscreen. This I forget to do often. :(

  7. Great tips! I will definitely take your advice and do the oil soak once a week. I love the Korres guava body butter for my hands, it is very moisturizing and leaves my hands nice and supple. Wonderful post!

  8. yeah im very aware of my hands these days as well after seeing some scary pics of celebrity ones haha

    they do tell your age so gotta keep them moisturized!

  9. your're right, good topic to choose!

  10. thanks for the informative post! your hands really shouldn't be neglected. i actually just bought a body works butter and i love it! i also use Yu-Be hand cream, it smells bad at first but feels great :)

  11. Thanks for all these useful tips! Like many, I too tend to 'forget' to care for my hands, so this post is a good reminder to give them hands some lovin'.

    I like the tip about adding a drop of olive oil in the handwash and the one about soaking your hands in a large bowl of warm oil during idle time. :)

  12. You're so true about Olay. I did the same. LOL

  13. I'm in a big trouble trouble, as my back part of arm is some blacckish I'm trying alot but I m not getting the expected results could you please help me. Can you give me some tips to overcome from this problem.


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