Mircoz Lash Lengthening Formula Review

What it says: The Pro-vitamin B enriched formula cares for your lashes, enhancing their natural appearance. It acts as a conditioner that bonds to your lashes, feeding them the nutrients they need to grow long and lustrous.

I used it with Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara (Waterproof)
Left eye- Just two coats of the mascara (Omg! Look how tiny! lol..)

Usage Directions:

  1. First apply mascara on lashes
  2. Apply Mircoz White Fibre at the tip of lashes
  3. Finish by applying mascara. Repeat the steps for more dramatic result.

  • Gives longer thicker lashes
  • Great alternative to falsies
  • You can make your lashes as 'long' as you want

  • Time consuming
  • Messy. Fibres get into the eyes and fly all over the face
  • Gets a bit clumpy
  • My eyes get irritated and itch with it, but they are extremely sensitive to begin with.
Buy again? Nope. Not worth another Rs.1100. I'd rather use falsies or pile on the mascara, and I don't think it'll run out anytime soon anyways.

DBA ^_^


  1. wow it makes such a big difference on your lashes, great review!

  2. wow the difference between ur two eyes is pretty amazing! but i agree that falsies are probably alot easier & faster :) thanks!

  3. Hi, new to ur blog! Glad to find and follow ur blog. Do I have to say I liked ur blog the moment was in?

    If u wish, divijareddy.blogspot.com. Thanq!

  4. im speechless =)

    you have such gorgeous eyes!

  5. Thank u all :)

    @ GWGlasses.. Thanks for that compliment!


  6. This looks like a terrific idea for going out at night, when you presumably have time to pile on the makeup. Your lashes look incredible. I'd say its worth the time because its looking like falsies without the redness and commitment of products like Lilash.

  7. You made my day! Do I have to say that u r more beautiful than I could express? Thanq for stopping by and hope we wud b true friends!

  8. hey Cynthia! Nice review! your lashes look insanely long! xoxo

  9. i have one for volumnizing..and since i got it, i've only used it once! i must agree it is super time consuming and messy!! mine are black fibres!! that's worse cos you can really see it falling all over your undereye area! :( what's your method of dealing with the fall outs Cynthia?

  10. @CB..It's definitely a better shot than Lilash.

    @Divija..thanks a lot...i hope so too :)

    @Beautifier..ya the difference is insane..my poor tiny right eyelashes lol

    @Pchan..With the black one i think it would b better to apply loose powder around yr eyes, that way the fibres won't stick to yr skin n u can just brush away the fallouts when u r done.


  11. that is a lot more volume
    \its insane

  12. omg this looks awesome gurl!
    but ur ryt falsies work just as good

  13. @Shifa...:)The eye pops with it. But it's too much work so yea falsies r a better option

  14. Your lashes look sooo much bigger with the lash formula...but really clumpy?

  15. Looks great Cynthia - I will have to try it!
    Love your blog - so refreshing!!

  16. @ Tammy..yeah clumpy, but I think if it's applied with the right mascara it won't be so visibly clumpy

    @Simonetta ..thanks :)

  17. whr cani get the mircoz mascarra?

  18. Hi Suk..I think it's sold only in Malaysia.

  19. u can visit thier website at www.mircoz.com ...even they hv online purchase service...easy to get their products...must try...mircoz lash extender...amazing...

  20. Now you can purchase it here as well. Got Video to teach you the right way to apply.


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