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♥ Mac Baroque Boudoir Collection ♥

I'm so smitten by this collection. The packaging screams 'erotic' and has that vintage mysterious look a la Marie Antoinette.
This collection will be launched in the US this month. Who knows when it will come to India, when even the old news 'Style Black' hasn't been launched yet *Uff*

Baroque Boudoir Lipstick

Baroque Boudoir Lipgloss (So Beautiful!)

Compact/Sheer Mystery Powder

Boudoir Clutch

I'm lusting over the Lipglosses, Lipsticks and the Mystery Powders *.*

Seeing this makes me want to watch 'Dangerous Liaisons' (I don't know why I've never watched that movie!!)

DBA ^_^


  1. Wow! Such a cool collection from MAC! The packaging is stunning and I am lemming that gorgeous black clutch xoxo

  2. I like the look of the two pink lipglosses such cute packaging x

  3. nice new blog layout!! :) oooo MAC has done it again with another great collection. but i'm sure it is gona cost alot!!! judging from the packaging

  4. @Sonali.. yup the clutch is gorgeous

    @Sarah..the liglosses r my favs

    @pchan...thanks..i think they'll cost a lot too *sigh*


  5. I like! I want :D
    totally love the lipsticks and the look of the packaging ♥

  6. I agree.. packaging is Gorgeous !!
    I really want sumfink frm dis collection .. mystery powder amazed me .. buh wen I heard $60 .. !!
    there is no way em gonna pay that much for a Powder !!!
    shit (with BIG S)

  7. $60 u say??? That really calls for a BIG S Palak...Lol :D


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