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7 World Experts Redefine Hair For Indian Women - Sunsilk

My eyes went straight to this article when I picked up Saturday's Delhi Times.
Its says that 7 internationally renowned hair experts - Rita Hazan, Yuko Himashita, Jamal Hamadi, Dr. Francesca Fusco, Tom Taw, Ouidad, and Teddy Charles, teamed up with Sunsilk to co-create specialised formulations for different hair types of Indian women. They created formulations like:
  • Lusciously thick and long
  • Hair fall solution
  • Anti-dandruff solution
  • Stunning Black Shine
  • Damage repair reconstruction
  • Dream soft and smooth 

Out of the 7, the following 3 experts created specific formulations according to their expertise:
Rita Hazan (Hollywood's most sought after hair colorist) ~~ Vibrant Colour
Ouidad (considered the "Queen of Curl") ~~ Defined Curls
Yuko Yamashita (famous for her Japanese hair straightening) ~~ Perfect Straight.
I don't know about you, but I'm going to get me some Sunsilk this week, 'coz "Life Can't Wait" or more like "I can't wait to go shopping" ;p
More info coming up after I see the range.

DBA ^_^


  1. that's cool~ which formula are u going to pick up? i really like sunsilk shampoo & conditioners! whenever i'm in the philippines i always buy some to take back home :)

  2. Most beautiful hair in the world!!

  3. Just discovered your blog, interesting...

  4. @ Kuri..interesting to hear u like Sunsilk. I'm not sure what to get coz i haven't seen them yet, but u'll know wen i post it in my blog

    @Ana...I'm sorry, but I don't get what u mean :)

    @ Lavender...thanks :)


  5. OMG .. even I was bowled wen I saw this article in DT .. em definitely lookin forward to get my hands on it .. buh still confused wot to get :/

    maybe Yuko yamashita's version .. lets see !
    btw cynthia , U must be getting Rita Hazan's version ?[:D]

  6. Lol...Palak u guessed right! I'll probably get Rita's n another one..let's see..

  7. ohh wow! this seems interesting :D
    but v dont have sunsilk here :(

  8. Maybe it's going to come their soon Shifa. Looks like they're expanding quite fast.

  9. ouidad's line of hair product is amzaing!!!love them and love her for the line but the down side is that its terribly expensive....
    :(..LOL. check out her

  10. Yea i wud love to have ouidad's but its very expensive...


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