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Mac Products- The Good, The Bad & The "Ugh!"

This is was requested by Palak, whose head spins every time she's in a Mac store :) 
But I hope others will find it kinda helpful too.
However, this is just my personal opinion girls, so don't fume if I diss any of your favorite Mac products ;)

Few stuff I'm using (and not using) at the moment

~ The Good ~ 
**Shade names are not recommendations btw. Pick shades that suit you.
And please note that I haven't used all of Mac's products, so I've just listed the ones I've actually used.

  • Studio Touch Up stick Concealer
  • Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
  • Blushcreme - Ladyblush 
  • Prep n Prime transparent loose powder
  • Select Cover concealer- Peach and green (mine are so old now.) I like the non-cakey coverage.
  • Mineralized blushes
  • Tinted lip conditioners - Petting Pink, Fuchsia Fix, Hello Kitty Popster, Clear
  • Plushglass - Full for you, Plus luxe 
  • Cremestick lip liner- Creme O'spice
  • Lip liners- I like how long they are
  • Tinted lipglass
  • Marbelized Lipglass- Funky Fusion
  • Lipstick- See Sheer, Hug Me, Sweetie, Lickable, Lustering, Impassioned
  • Slimshine lipstick-Gaily (but finishes very fast coz its very creamy and melty)
  • Lipgelee- Used up Slicked Pink and Dewy Jube
  • Tendertones - Sweet tooth, Honey Bare (temporaries which I think should be permanents)
  • Dazzleglass- Baby Sparks (a bit sticky but brings out a nice pout.)
  • Fluidline- Blitz n Glitz
  • Powerpoint eye pencil- Duck (didn't get to use most of it coz it broke mid-way)
  • Eye Pencil- Coffee
  • Shadestick- Beige-ing looks great on the waterline on those days when white liner just doesn't cut it.
  • Technakohl liner
  • Eyeshadows
  • Brow set - Clear
  • Eye brows- lingering 
  • Brow Finisher (broke from the base but i still manage to use it. Lasts a long time.)
  • Cream color base- Too Darling (bought this from Hong Kong, but I don't see it on their website. It's similar to Shell, I think.)
Skin Care
  • Lightful Essence
  • Cleanse Off Oil
Brushes: If you don't mind paying around Rs.1000 for a make-up brush, then Mac has the best. I have never bought any brushes from Mac, because I think they're too pricey. But I might buy a stippling brush one day.

~ The Bad and the "Ugh!" ~
      Now here are the Mac products I don't like at all:

      I scooped out the lipsticks into the BS body butter container and returned tubes for 'Back to Mac' ;p

      • Liquidlast Liner- So tacky that it sticks to my lashes making mascara application clumpy, and doesn't apply smoothly (Hate it!)
      • Studio Sculp Concealer- Way to cakey. Reveals more than conceals, in my opinion.
      • Clear lipglass- Sticky sticky sticky on lips. I even tried using it on my lids and I couldn't blink!
      • Pro longwear lip clour- Drying and cracks...and then flakes.
      • Zoom Lash Mascara - Blah!
      • Lipstick- Myth, Bronze Shimmer (just not my shades)
      • Pigments- I have Naked, Fairylite, Black tied and Steel Blue (which I like but hardly use) Previous 3 can't be used on either lip or eye area, so what's the point!!!

      Phew! Okay, that's all I guess. I hope I didn't forget anything.


      1. gr8 post - love wat u done to those poor lippes :P

      2. AWESOME post! I want to go for a humongous MAC haul now. And thanks for pointing out what to stay away from. :)

      3. WOW !! thanx for the post girl .. it is really helpful . now I have a good idea where to shell my money :)
        em lookin forward to get shadesticks !!

        btw what do you think of clarins instant smooth perfecting primer !?
        is it good at controlling oil ? or does make up really last longer ??
        cz I have heard its great at minimizing appearance of pores and wrinkles .. so I wondered if its any good for oily skinned ladies like me ?
        will love to hear from yu !
        and yea once again thanx a ton for the post

      4. hahah! the part where u couldn't blink when you applied the clear lipglass is sooo funny! i agree that some items from MAC are just a waste of $$. I used to be crazy over MAC. But after trying out Japanese brands, I totally stopped investing in MAC. Except their brushes! I have the strippling brush!! And its the best brush for blush application in my opinion :) thanks for the great post Cynthia!!

      5. @ Inner Belle..haha..i know...poor things :)

        @ C Beautiful...thanks i'm glad u find it helpful.

        @ was so sticky i had to use my finger to pull my lid down :D. I know what u mean! Even I'm liking Jap n Korean brands more these days. Mac is beginning to get kinda bland for my taste. But ya the stippling brush does look great.


      6. @ Palak..always happy to help girly.
        About the Clarins primer, yes it does minimize pores makin the skin smoother n also minimizes appearance of fine lines. From the first moment I tested it i had to have it coz it feels so silky!
        But sometimes it does get a tad oily after a while esp around my t-zone in summer, altho this happens even without it. I've read som pple say it clogs pores n cause breakouts, but it's not happened to me. So it's totally up to u to decide whether u wanna try it or not. Fyi, that little pot will last a long long time coz u jus need v little for each use.

      7. As for it making make-up last longer, I really can't say coz i don't even think about that in the first place. I just like the smoothness n Eyeshadow application goes on smoother with this as a base.

      8. I love your collection !!!! So pinkish !!

      9. woah that's loads of pinks~~~

        regarding the cream shadow issue, yup... almost every cream shadow products i've used on me creases... one of the fellow blogger suggest to use a primer though... despite the fact that i'm such a lazy person, i might use a primer for the sake of those cream eyeshadows since they are really just too pretty!!!

        do test out swatches of canmake's jewelstar, i'm pretty confident you'll like them as they're really very shimmering, very glittery and very pretty :)

      10. Thanks for this post :) I always want to buy more MAC but find that sometimes the people in the shops are rude. I currently have two paintpots and three lipglasses. I am in LOVE with Full on Lust (makes my lips look pink but not fake Barbie pink). I have Rubenesque paintpot and Indianwood. Indianwood is ok but I hate the other. Plus, they crease so bad :(


      11. Hi Cynthia, thanks for your comment. My CS 88 piece pallete is a mix of matte and shimmer. I don't have any of the other 88 palletes, but I love that I have so much choice in color and texture with this one. Hope that helps ya!

      12. thanks for all the recommendations~ i actually haven't used a lot of mac products. only the studio fix powder+foundation and the face protect. i would like to buy some of their eyeshadows even though i have a lot already and some dazzleglass :)

      13. ok , then maybe I wont give in for clarins cz basically I wanted something that'll control my oils and adhere foundation to mah skin better !
        buh it seems its nt for that purpose :(
        btw cynthia .. have u heard of Monistat ?? well . em sure yu did .. buh can yu tell me if somethin similar to it is available in India ??

      14. Thanks for doing this post! very informative indeed! xoxo

      15. wow thats one heck of a collection gurl! :O m jealous :O :p lovey post! =)

      16. lol shifa..thanks. though it's not a lot :)

        Sonali I'm glad u think that.



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