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Happy Halloween Everyone!

I was going for the evil

I just dressed up for fun earlier and clicked some pics. I feel too lazy to go anywhere, so will just watch a scary movie at home.
For all of you going out, I wish you have tons  of F-U-N.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

DBA ^_^



  1. haha ! same to ya girl
    btw yu dont look a least bit scary in pics ..U can pass as a heavenly angel :)

  2. aw you're so gorgeous! hope you had fun watching those scary movies!

  3. aww u look so beautiful gurl ♥
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Lol you look *hot* not scary haha!

  5. Thanks for the compliments all ♥ hope ur enjoying yr halloween.

    @Palak...heavenly angel?! lol...i could never pass for that mwahahaha...!!! :D thanks girl

    @Sarah..I thought of drawing stuff on my face to look like a cat or somethin scary but then I got i just threw on the wig

  6. Cynthia, if you look evil, then you make evil look so hot...!

  7. omg!you look like a movie star, darling! hope you had a fantastic Halloween night:)xoxo

  8. i'm a little late! but happy belated halloween~ you look really cool rather than scary :) i didn't do anything for halloween either unfortunately. just watched movies too~


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